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Dear Editor: The new website for the NCWSA billing section is being operated now by OFFICIAL

The water department has for some time been charging customers a fee (tax) of $2.50 when you pay your bill on line and they call it a Convenience Fee (tax). Who’s convenience I ask? My wallet was feeling inconvenienced and your’s will also.

I do not feel any convenience or love when I am charged a fee (tax) when I have made it easier for the collection department by eliminating the handling charges that go with manual transactions. Companies have for years been begging the public to use online bill pay and eliminate costs for the individual and the company. Well, they have finally got me to pay online and this is the only company that has tried to charge me a fee (tax) for being a willing participant, I do not think this will be the last however.

Just as soon as the majority are paying online BOHICA, think about it you can figure it out. It is a never ending battle folks everyone from the individual, the company, the local, state and federal governments are always trying to get one up on the other guy.

If the water rates need to be raised then do it but don’t try to sneak it under the radar as a fee (tax). The phone company has set a good example they have more extra fees than the real phone bill. We still have fees on the phone bill that go back to previous wars and it never ends either.

Keep track of those FEES: they are a hidden tax and you may be able to deduct them on your taxes each year, the phone bill really adds up.