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Bad neighbor
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Dear Editor: I read the article about District 4 Commissioner J.C. Henderson’s family dispute and resulting arrest. First, the man’s innocent until proven guilty on this matter. Whether his wife ran into the door, he hit her, or something else happened will be determined by due process.

But there is an issue; he is guilty of: being a bad neighbor. [He’s had] 113 calls to 911 about his residence since 1997. That’s 113 instances of disturbance over a period of 12 years and 9 months. That’s an average of .74 calls per month. Think about that. How many times has someone had to call 911 about activities at your home? I’d be embarrassed about one call — ever. Think about your neighbor; if during a four month period, you had to call 911 three times because he was too loud, his dog was a nuisance, they were having a domestic fight, etc. He disrespected the law, his neighbors, and the police 113 times. This defines "horrible neighbor" —one who makes you pray he moves or causes you to put up a fence. If there was a meth lab in Clark’s Grove it wouldn’t get three calls in four months.

What really makes this disturbing is this guy’s a commissioner. He’s supposed to be a leader in the community, setting the standard. Well, his standard stinks. His standard devalues properties and is a detriment to society. And this standard-bearer has one of five votes that determine the future of our county. None of us want this type of neighbor, and he is making decisions about our community. Think about this. More importantly think about this come election day next year.

P.S. When he filed as ‘indigent’ and needing a public defender, did he claim as part of his income (as benefits) receiving taxpayer provided baby sitting 113 times from the CPD? We’d like to be reimbursed for this.