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Another town hall
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Dear Editor: This was my second town hall meeting with Congressman Marshall and I believe I now have a good impression of the person and his philosophy about politics and how he approaches the same.

But, first some words about the town hall meeting held at Alcovy school in Covington. The crowd was mixed with almost all senior citizens and a few younger ones in the crowd. There were approximately 100 plus with mostly white, but a few blacks attending, and the group was mixed with Republicans and Democrats, and I overheard some proclaim to be Independents. The conversation was 99 percent about health care and the bill before Congress.

Congressman Marshall did most of the talking but as with all politicians he did not say much that you had not heard before. The congressman voted against the bill in the House, but after listening to him for two hours I am not sure that he would have done so if his vote was needed to pass the bill.

Jim Marshall likes to connect with the crowd so he tells you of his family, friends, past experiences all with the idea of bringing you into his web and making you think he is just a good old boy and is one with you. He is a braggart or at least he likes to make you think he is a tough guy and takes no prisoners; he tries to give the impression that he could whip the whole crowd by telling you of his military background and of his conflicts with his constituents. This probably goes well with some because people like to think that their representative is standing up for them, but I heard some things that make me believe that Marshall would go with the leadership if they insisted that he join in.

Marshall calls himself a Blue Dog Democrat as opposed to a Red Dog Republican - now called Rinos, go figure. This is Georgia remember, and I do not believe he would get elected in this district if he was a liberal in the sense of Pelosi or even John Lewis of Atlanta. He has voted for the preservation of gun rights, he has voted against the Cap and Trade, he voted against the current health care bill in its present form.

He does not like Republicans and he seemed to hold them in contempt when he spoke of them, which meant that he felt contempt for most of the crowd that was at the meeting. I noticed a shrug of the shoulders and a smirk when he mentioned Republicans. He does not think that they would compromise and/or listen to proposals (sounds like Pelosi and Reid to me). He did not mention any proposals that the Republicans had made that he agreed with; there's no compromise from him. The Republicans made a lot of proposals on the Health Care Bill, but the Democrats have shut them out.

Marshall does not like the Fox News network; he made a comment that they did not do a good job and they were biased (paraphrasing here). The crowd erupted at this comment, and Marshall confirmed his feelings with a shrug and a comment.

Marshall is part of the problem because he helps give a majority to the Democrats and there is no chance that any of the Northeast or West Coast Progressives/Socialist will be turned out of Congress. They remind me of honeybees and fire ants; both work in hives and have one leader with a lot of workers. They produce a product used by a lot of people and it is generally good for you, but then fire ants show up and you get large mounds of dirt on your lawn and they bite, leave sores and can kill.

We must get rid of the very far left and the far right if we ever want to get any decent legislation passed in Congress. That's right, I said both the far left and the far right. They are simply too polarizing and cannot cooperate.

We need the 60 percent in the middle to lead the country and get back to freedom and capitalism; it is the job of the government to act as oversight. They do not need to be overseer.