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A waste of money and a danger to our citizens
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Dear Editor: For those of you who don't know it, the county is spending $1 million to buy railroad track property in the county. This is only the beginning. To pave this 40-mile stretch of "Walking Trails" will cost approximately $20 million.

And heaven only knows how much of our tax dollars to maintain this project over the years.

With the local food pantry out of money and many other things that need our assistance, this is almost a sick joke on the people by our local elitists, who seriously confuse "want" with "need."

In a time of economic recession, citizens don't need anything done for us except a provision of basic services. Hey, let's cut 20 percent of our county budget for police protection, fire and other services and get us a walking trail!

For those who live nearby the existing "tracks," do you realize that the right of ways are not just the tracks? Most of these rights of way are 35 feet wide.

So, as you and your children sit in your homes, there will be drug deals going down, vagrants encamped on your doorsteps and all manner of evil that man can think of brought right into your homes.

There is no way to police these areas - 40 miles. How could anyone afford to protect all the residents living near the tracks/walking trail?

Another defunct county project in the making just like the Joint Industrial Authority - 10 years, lots of money and no industries. The Bear Creek Reservoir, more than 10 years and millions of dollars spent and no water. The civic center/hotel project, more than four years, lots of time and money wasted and no project (county attorney fees so far on the proposed civic center exceed $50,000).

What are we thinking people?

Call your commissioners and tell them you don't want this waste of our monies and time and we especially don't want crime "welcomed" into our yards and homes.