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A necessary reminder
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 Dear Editor: Your Sunday editorial decrying "flag-draped coffins" stirred conflicting emotions in my soul. First, you confused the issue by comparing reactions to the Iraq War with those of Vietnam. Have you actually heard any reasonable commentator who "vilified" the brave soldiers who have served in Iraq? The only rightful villains in this story are those who sold us the lie about "weapons of mass destruction" and the non-existent connection between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11/01 attacks.

And where is the proof that the "major liberal media outlets" have been itching to show the photos of the coffins of fallen Americans? President Obama (I’m still rejoicing in that term) deferred to Defense Secretary Robert Gates who made a reasoned decision to allow such pictures released if the families wished. That’s the same Secretary Gates who recently served in President Bush’s Cabinet.

It is good to remember that "these solemn returns" are not just caskets, or statistics. Perhaps a visual reminder of the awful truth of the deaths of such fine young Americans will bring home the idea that war is not so glorious, after all.

Charles Woods