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A lawless nation
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Dear Editor: Where is the outcry? Where are the editorials? Where is the chorus of talking heads on TV and talk radio screaming about treason?

Vice President Richard Cheney has admitted publically that he authorized the torture of prisoners. He has also admitted, with court testimony as support, that he authorized the leaking of the name of a CIA undercover field agent (spy) while she was actively working to limit the spread of nuclear material. It has been reported that this revelation has lead to the death and imprisonment of people involved in the covert operation.

Releasing the name of one of our agents in time of war is a treasonous act according to U.S. law. Authorizing or carrying out torture is a war crime according to U.S. law. In our recent history, we have prosecuted, imprisoned and executed individuals found guilty of such acts. Why are we, you and I, letting Mr. Cheney get away with breaking these laws with no apparent consequences?

Have we become a nation where there are those beyond the law? Have we become a lawless nation?