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A heated season
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Dear Editor: Another political campaign seems to be heating up. While studying the sides of many issues, I am reminded of one of the grandfather's favorite stories.

As all concerned fathers, one father in particular devised a plan to predict his son's future. The plan was to lay out in plain view a Bible, a silver dollar and a shot of whiskey. The father reasoned that if his son chose the Bible, he would become a preacher, if he chose the silver dollar, he would be a financial expert, and if he chose the whiskey, he would become a ne'er-do-well drunk.

The father hid in the closet to monitor activity. The young man entered and noticed the items. He looked around and seeing no one, he put the dollar in his pocket, drank the whiskey and put the Bible under his arm and left.
The father was dumbfounded. All he could do was mutter to himself, "Oh Lord, not another politician."

All humorous stories contain a little humor. I certainly hold most of our leaders in a little higher regard than the father in the story.

What really bothers me most is when the politicos going at one another tend to engage in fear mongering, character assignation and mud-slinging half-truths. If they choose to engage in such uncivil activities, I assume it's part of their job. When I hear ordinary hard-working citizens engage in the same tactics, it really bothers me. I hope and pray that we, as ordinary citizens, can remain above the fray and not allow ourselves to become disrespectful to our fellow citizens.

Even if we disagree, we can do so with respect and civility. We all love this country and only want what is best for our country and our families.

Tom Matthews