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A different point of view
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Dear Editor: Chavez states, "Identity politics involves a sense of grievance against the majority, a feeling that racism permeates American society and its institutions, and the belief that members of one's own group are victims in a perpetual power struggle with the majority."

I strongly disagree with this on two fronts. Identity politics is an interesting term, probably concocted by some conservative spin doctor. I don't accept Ms. Chavez' definition. We all practice identity politics. If we are involved politically, it is because we identify with a candidate, cause or party because their views express our point of view. And isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

Is Ms. Chavez saying that racism doesn't permeate American society? If that is her belief, she's been living under a rock. The things I've heard come out of respectable, intelligent people's mouths after Obama's election have raised my consciousness as well as the hairs on the back of my neck.

The Supreme Court doesn't legislate, but interprets existing legislation when it is tested in courts of law. I believe it's imperative that we have a point of view that's tempered by an experience that differs from the majority.