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Too many phony wars
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War, real war, is the end result of botched politics. War is a dirty blood-stained business with the goal of defeating an enemy whose viewpoints or religion or territorial greed clashes with an opposing philosophy. Yet in today’s society, the word ‘War’ is exploited to describe a plethora of societal issues better served by common sense instead of radicalization. A few examples.

First, the real war. The United States of America is being broadsided by global terror, both foreign and domestic.

Confronting this threat is our down-sized military consisting of over-deployed dutiful volunteers who are lectured by their own government for bowing their heads in prayer. Our adversaries recognize this timid policy as an opportunity to exploit a military strategy developed by a confederation of Fruit Loops afflicted with Neville Chamberlain naïveté. Witnessing this dangerous journey of appeasement is enough to trigger an ulcer or perforate an existing one.

The War on Poverty: An honorable notion run off the tracks by a sea of bureaucratic red tape fueled by taxpayer money. Government does not and cannot defeat poverty; the answer is and always has been training, education, and the availability of employment. Honest citizens residing in poverty react to empty promises out of desperation. Such would be the case of any individual without hope or dwelling in monolith housing projects governed by drug dealers and wannabe gangsters.

The War on Women: No proof, no facts, no real war. The so-called War on Women is a manufactured hogwash divisive political scam. Political animals need real or imagined ‘issues’ to convince an electorate to toss their votes at the animal with the biggest bite to end their problems. In reality, their promises have no teeth.

The War on Words: A treacherous Gestapo-inspired tactic feigning the charge of ‘offending’ in order to ‘oppress’ free speech. The concept of controlling ‘words’ is as old as the Communist Manifesto advocating a Utopian society that never has nor ever will exist.

The War of Political Correctness: The actual term ‘politically correct’ is the key to understanding the treachery behind the phrase. ‘Politically’ or ‘political’ followed by ‘correct’ means converting your thoughts and speech to a certain political position or face false accusations with the goal of coercing individual thinking. Buckling-under to the demands of ‘political correctness’ means you are prepared to surrender your own freedoms hoping to appease deceitful manipulators. And so far as the phrase ‘correctness’ is concerned; the actual definition has nothing to do with ‘correct’ but everything to do with ‘control,’ political control. The so-called PC police have no authority to deprive American citizens of the right to free speech or their individualism.

The Race War: A stick of dynamite with a short fuse purposely ignited by a wolf pack of race-baiters, race-haters, and race-agitators, on both sides of the issue, subsidized by prosperous social manipulators using divisiveness to gain and control power. Gaining perceived equality for any culture via a gory race war is an age old Machiavellian tactic using the timeworn culprits of hatred, greed, despotic rule, and the assumed superiority of intellect by the schemers. This type of war, in its crudest form, is an atrocity without a winner, except for the perceived elite.

The War on Christianity: A despicable assault on the founding principles of our country and religious freedom. More laws are now on the books protecting Muslims than Christians. Grace, saves; Government, forbids.

The War on America: Bombarded with phoney ‘wars’ and hyperbole of once-believed impossible proportions, these endless bursts of agitation have the expressed purpose of destroying the United States of America. We the People have been divided by sexual preference, race, pro-life or pro-choice activists arguing for the right to life or no life for the unborn, healthcare, open-border undocumented immigration no other rational country on earth is foolish enough to encourage, financial and housing and nutritional aid for citizens who are in real need slowly transformed into an unrelenting dependency way of life designed to maintain a solid block of unhappy voters who continue to vote for the very people who withhold their happiness, taxation without representation, the inability to protect our children in school, cries of ‘racism’ to silence free speech or an opposing opinion, public schools and universities used as tools to indoctrinate instead of educate, banning guns for law-abiding citizens at a time when guns are the only threat feared by criminals and power hungry better-than–thou Maoists who abundantly quote the Chinese Chairman except for his most illuminating assertion that ‘Power comes from the barrel of a gun,’ deals or promises and treaties with terrorists that border on treason, the cancer of a turbulent drug epidemic which would wind down then shut down if the powers-that-be possessed the integrity to simply followed the money trail, and please add to this list, or not, it’s your choice until we no longer have the right to debate, only to obey. No wonder stocks like Maalox and Pepcid are soaring.

Our founding fathers would be horrified and a quickly fading Greatest Generation is questioning the human cost of WWII as they witness the collapse of a once great country that is no longer united but divided by false prophets. On the flip side, advocates of the disruptive techniques of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Saul Alinsky, or that chubby North Korean twerp Kim Jong-un, must be euphoric.

Excuse me. I need to fetch a Gummy Bear antacid. My tummy hurts.

Pete Mecca is a Vietnam veteran, columnist and freelance writer. You can reach him at or