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Stolen credit card numbers at Mystic Grill
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Three women reported to the Covington Police Department that their debit or credit card had been compromised after using it at the Mystic Grill Restaurant after dining there Feb. 21.

The three women were contacted by their respective financial card companies after a group of friends dined together at the two-month old restaurant.

According to police reports, one card number was used in California, twice in two different locations, one in Michigan and another in Maine and Texas.

Mystic Grill part owner Ronnie Johnston said the matter has been looked into, and it is unknown whether it is on an employee, computer or credit card processing company level. Johnston, however, said investigations have been conducted.

“We’ve gone through several different things internally, whether its employees or someone talking; I’ve had police and GBI make sure we’re as tight as a drum with our entire (point of sale) system and credit card processing company; We’ve been going above and beyond to make sure we’re safe as we can be on our end,” Johnston said.
Johnston added a patter could not be identified with employees, and two weeks ago he had the credit card company perform scans every day.

Police, man scuffle over crack pipe
Covington Police arrested Norman Eugene Bryant, reportedly with a cocaine pipe after having to tackle him to the ground shortly after 7 p.m. Tuesday.

According to reports, officers observed a black male, later identified as Bryant, walking eastbound in the roadway of Stone Street. When Bryant saw the police car, he reportedly began to fumble something around in his left hand and tuck it close to his body, “as if attempting to conceal it.”

Officers then believed he was in possession of something illegal as the area is, reportedly, frequently traveled by individuals using and distributing narcotics, and Bryant was attempting to conceal something he didn’t want officers to discover.

According to reports, he then dropped a white paper napkin on the ground from his left hand. When the item hit the ground a glass smoking device, typically used to smoke crack cocaine fell from it.

Bryant then, reportedly, attempted to kick or destroy the pipe. However, officers stepped between him before the opportunity arose and grabbed him by the left shoulder. They then attempted to gain control of Bryant, grabbing him as the Bryant scuffled to the ground trying to break free. According to reports, Bryant was placed in a bear hug and taken to the ground.

Bryant, reportedly, had some minor scratches and a knot on the right side of his head sustained when he and the officer fell to the ground. He also had a scrape on his wrist.

Bryant was examined at the Newton Medical Center and determined to have only minor scrapes. He was charged with possession of cocaine and felony obstruction.

School property destruction
Damage was done to the two exterior trailers at the back of Fairview Elementary School Tuesday.

The school’s custodian reported to its resource officer, at around 8:30 a.m., that a window was broken in each one of the trailers and florescent light bulbs were removed and broken about the parking lot, according to reports.

Not just horsing around
Newton County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call concerning someone threatening to shoot several people at a horse farm Monday.

According to reports, the incident occurred several weeks ago, when a customer of the farm did not like the way a horse was being treated. The customer, reportedly, threatened to come back and shoot several people that were, there, including an employee and a customer.

No multi-tool for school
A student carrying a multi-tool to Middle Ridge Elementary School was reported to Newton County Sheriff’s deputies Thursday, according to reports.

The student had the tool, which included a small knife, in his book bag.

Chicken wings, allergy medicine stolen
A loss prevention officer at the Walmart on Industrial Boulevard took a woman, Amanda Bullington, into custody for stealing $98.44 worth of products.

According to reports, the woman grabbed the goods at around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon. Bullington took the items from the store shelves and placed them into her purse before being caught.

Bullington took two packages of batteries, Nexxus conditioner, another item valued at $13.47, chicken wings and two 40 count packages of Allegra.