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Local money flows to Kemp in governor's race
Secretary of state takes biggest share of Newton campaign dollars
Kemp, Edwards Talk
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, left, and Newton County Commissioner Stan Edwards talk Friday afternoon, March 2, 2018, during a stop by Kemp's campaign for governor at Legion Field in Covington, Ga. - photo by Darryl Welch

COVINGTON, Ga. — Casey Cagle leads the overall race for raising money in the hunt to be Georgia’s next governor, but the majority of local contributions are heading to his GOP rival Brian Kemp.

Cagle, the three-term lieutenant governor from Gainesville, ended the first quarter of the year with more than $4.5 million on hand.

Kemp, who is nearing the end of a second term as secretary of state, is second in the money race with about $1.6 million in his war chest. However, he has a clear advantage in terms of donor enthusiasm in Newton County.

Kemp, of Athens, has drawn contributions from more than 40 Newton County people and businesses over the past several months, totaling more than $23,000 in cash and in-kind gifts. He’s also got an edge in support from elected officials, including the longest-tenured elected official in the county, Clerk of Courts Linda D. Hays.



  • Stacey Evans: $1,486,522.63
  • Stacey Abrams: $898,553.85


  • Casey Cagle: $4,535,511
  • Brian Kemp: $1,631,521.28
  • Clay Tippins: $1,591,518.83
  • Michael Williams: $1,268.818.23
  • Hunter Hill: $1,120,864.48
  • Marc Urbach: $4,358.14
  • Eddie Hayes: no contributions reported

- Source: Secretary of State's Office

County Commissioner Stan Edwards, Mansfield Mayor Jeff Riley and Social Circle Mayor Pro Tem David Keener also have supported Kemp, along with former state Sen. John Douglas and former Covington City Councilman Chris Smith.

Social Circle Mayor Hal Dally has supported Cagle. In all, Cagle pulled $10,800 in local contributions from 11 sources.

Former state Sen. Hunter Hill and Clay Tippins each reported two local contributions. State Sen. Michael Williams had 28 contributions but at an average of $81.50.

On the Democratic side, former state House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams has drawn more local contributors and more local dollars than her one rival.

Newton County Board of Commissioners Chairman Marcello Banes is among the contributors to Abrams’ bid for governor.

Former state Rep. Stacey Evans had an edge in cash at the end of the March 31 reporting period among the two Democratic candidates, with just less than $1.5 million on hand. Abrams had a little under $899,000.

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle speaks at the Covington Municipal Airport Monday evening, April 23, 2018. - photo by Darryl Welch
An Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Channel 2 Action News poll released Friday showed Cagle with a commanding lead in the Republican primary. Some 41 percent of likely voters said they would support Cagle. Kemp was second at 10 percent and Hill was third at 9 percent.

Still, about a third of likely Republican voters were undecided. The race would go to a runoff unless one candidate gets one more than half the votes cast.

An earlier AJC/WSB poll of Democrats showed Abrams with 33 percent support, Evans with 15 percent and the remainder undecided.

The Democratic and Republican primaries are May 22. Early voting to succeed the term-limited incumbent Republican Gov. Nathan Deal begins Monday.

Here’s a look at the local donations going to each candidate:


Stacey Abrams

Marcello Banes, Covington, $200; Bill Hooson, Covington, $50; Anna Ingram, Covington, $50 and $50; Rainie Jueschke, Covington, $400; Josephine Kelly, Covington, $99 and $99; Margaret McGehee, Oxford, $50 and $100; Michael McQuaide, Oxford, four contributions totaling $350; Susan Riese, Social Circle, four contributions totaling $100; Cindy Simpson, Covington, $100; The Lindsey Firm P.C., Covington, $1,500.

Stacey Evans

Shannon Buff, Covington, $25 and $25.


L.S. ‘Casey’ Cagle

Dr. J. David Allen, Social Circle, $3,900; Hal Dally, Social Circle, $500; Ginn Chevrolet, Covington, $1,000; Ginn Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, Covington, $1,000; Charles W. Kinzalow, Oxford, $50 and $100; Michael T. Owens, Social Circle, $500; Paulk Roofing Inc., Oxford, $500; W. Gregory Pope, Covington, $250; Ranger Mechanical Inc., Covington, $1,500; Robert Rutland, Covington, $500; Dr. Jimmy A. Spivey, Oxford, $1,000.

Hunter Hill

Charles Bassel, Social Circle, $250; John Batkins, Oxford, $500.

Brian Kemp

Mark J. Accetturo, Covington, $500; Kayla Airington, Oxford, $15 and $250; Fleeta S. Baggett, Covington, $100 and $1,000; John Franklin Batkins, Oxford, three contributions totaling $635; Bec-Don Inc., Oxford, $500; Charles Berry, $100 and $15; Charles H. Berry III, Covington, $100; Brad Bettis, Covington, $500; Richard W. Brown, Covington, $500; Judson Caldwell, Covington, $500; John F. Douglas, Social Circle, $100; Stanley Edwards, Mansfield, $200; Lacey A. Fleming, Covington, $427 (in-kind for catering and supplies); Timothy K. Fleming, Covington, $250; William D. Fortson Jr., Covington, $500; Robert R. Fowler III, Covington, $5,000; Fred M. Harwell Jr., Covington, $200; Dean Hayes, Covington, $1,000; Julieana Hayes, Covington, $200; Julius D. Hays Jr., Covington, $100; Linda D. Hays, Covington, $150; Brenda Herron, Covington, $200; Robin W. Herron, Social Circle, three contributions totaling $230; Ed Hutter, Covington, $892 (in-kind for catering and supplies); David L. Keener, Social Circle, $250; Majesty Maids LLC, Covington, $250 and $250; Melody B. Morgan, Covington, $200;  North Fork LLC, Covington, $500; R.H. Cowan P.C., Social Circle, $500; Jefferson R. Riley, Mansfield, $250; Cecelius J. Sheffield, Oxford, $200; Chris Smith, Covington, $100; Diana S. Smith, three contributions totaling $2,020; Lorri L. Smith, $126 and $1,000; Phil Stone, Covington, $500 and $100; Thompson Controls, Covington, $500; John L. Travis, Covington, $500 and $250; Ed Underwood, Covington, $100 and $100; Jeff Wagner, Covington, $500; Marcus Willis, Covington, $750; Kim Young, Covington, $200 and $35.

Clay Tippins

Mike Pulliam, Covington, $1,000; Col. Nathan M. Pulliam, Covington, $1,000.

Michael Williams

Lorena Ashcroft-Jackson, Covington, $5 and $3; Kelly Canoles, Covington, $10; Danita Ewing, Covington, $5 and $5; Julie Holahan, Covington, $10 and $25; Tiffany Humphries, Covington, $500; Colleen Hunt, Oxford, $3; Kevin Jackson, Covington, $10; Lorena Jackson, Covington, $5; Melissa Jennings, Covington, $25 and $35; Lee Joyner, Social Circle, $3 and $3; James Kinnebrew, Social Circle, $100 and $100; Fred Palmer, Covington, $10 and $10; Cathy Price, Covington, $35; Gregory Rayner, Covington, $55; Ready Rent, Covington, $500 and $500; Shane Shutte, Mansfield, $10 and $10; Myriam Soskin, Covington, $5; Chad Stahl, Covington, $50; Ted Strand, Social Circle, $250.