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Thank you school board members

It’s Georgia School Board Appreciation Week. The Covington News appreciates the individual and collective contributions made by all current and past public, private, and home school board members who serve Newton County’s children, families, communities, and businesses. Thank you!        

In his proclamation, Governor Nathan Deal wrote, “Georgia’s continued growth requires dedication to excellence in our education system as well as commitment to providing students with the resources they need to succeed academically. Georgia’s boards of education work alongside school systems, parents, state and local leaders to create classroom environments in which students have the best chances to learn and become productive members of society.”

The Georgia School Boards Association used the occasion to remind us all, that “school board members are responsible for setting educational policies, employing school personnel, providing buildings and equipment, operating a transportation system and disbursing school funds. As community leaders, school board members serve as advocates for the children in local schools and must study, evaluate and decide what actions are in the best interest of those students.”

We know that service on a school board is challenging, time-consuming, and too often under-appreciated. Please know that you have our admiration and gratitude for taking on such an important task.