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NHS student fights teacher, others
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A 16-year-old Newton High School student was arrested Wednesday, after striking another student, a teacher and an administrator, in what started out as an argument over a girl.

The fight started between the two students - both 16 - over a female student. During that time, one of the teens struck the other and then left the area. A teacher saw the student and noticed that he was upset, so she approached him to see what was wrong, which is when he assaulted her, pushing her to the ground, according to Newton County Sheriff's Office Lt. Keith Crum. An administrator saw the incident and intervened, and the teen struck him several times, eventually causing the administrator to suffer a bloody nose.

The student then fled the scene, but stayed on campus. He was later found by School Resource Officer and arrested, charged with battery on a teacher, battery and simple battery.

"This type of behavior most definitely will not be tolerated in our schools," said Newton County School System's Director of Public Relations Sherri Davis-Viniard. "The student is facing multiple rules violations and will be disciplined accordingly."