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More meals served at school in 2012
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More students are eating meals at school this year than last, with a 10 percent increase, according to reports from the Newton County School System's school nutrition program.

In the month of May there were 111,550 breakfasts served, an average of 6,562 per day. Elementary school participation was at nearly 50 percent, while secondary schools were at 32 percent.

Also discussed during the Tuesday Newton County Board of Education meeting:
• The NCSS is no longer required to offer public school choice for Title 1 schools during the 2012-13 school year; however students can stay in their choice school if they provide their own transportation, or they can return to their zoned school. The Office of Federal Programs received 23 forms from parents wishing to have their children remain in their choice school or return to their scheduled school zone.

• Maintenance and operations received 883 work requests in May. Thus far 560 of those have been completed.

• The replacement school for Newton High is on schedule. All building and retaining walls have been completed, all pre-cast panels have been set in place, building slabs are being formed and poured throughout the building, rough-in plumbing and electrical are being installed throughout the building, masonry and block work are being set forming walls for doors and classrooms, light-weight roofing and tectum has started.