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More fundraisers, policy changes for school start
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Parents with a child attending a special instructional program may have an easier transportation schedule for any other children.

The board approved a revision of Policy JBCC, which addresses siblings of students enrolled in special instructional programs and hardships families may face in regards to getting children to different schools each day.

Public input was asked for throughout the month of July as a precursor to the Tuesday night vote. The policy and its revisions were posted on the school system’s website.

According to the policy, “Siblings of students who are enrolled in a special instructional program may be allowed to attend the same school if the parents agree to provide transportation.”

This out-of-zone assignment “will apply for the duration of the time a student is enrolled in special programs.” If the student attending the special instructional program graduates or completes the highest grade level, the sibling can stay at the school until graduation or completion of the highest grade.

Student disciplinary hearing procedure revision

The board also approved recommended changes in the student disciplinary hearing procedure policy after a month of accepting public input.

Although changes were approved in the procedure in fall 2010, changing the “tribunal” process to a “hearing officer” model, the policy was not modified in accordance with the change. The revision to Policy JCEB calls for two members of the administrative staff to serve as hearing officers instead of three members to make up the hearing tribunal.

NCCA ’15 Board of Directors approved

This school year’s Board of Directors for the Newton College and Career Academy (NCCA) was approved, which consists of a parent representative from each county high school.

The NCCA Charter requires a governing body, including parents who are eligible as long as they have children enrolled at the academy.

Lynn Bugg will serve as the parent representative for Alcovy High School, and Mike McCrorey was approved to be Eastside High School’s parent representative. The third board member, representing Newton High School, has not yet been decided.

School fundraisers limitation removed

NCSS Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey recommended the board vote to remove limitation on school-wide fundraisers.
Currently, the number of such events schools may conduct in a given year are limited – one for elementary and middle schools and two for high schools – but the recommendation was brought to the July meeting “due to economic conditions and the need to desire quality programs, events and initiatives at the schools level.”

If approved, the school principal must approve all school-level fundraisers.

Policy JK will be reviewed until the August meeting.