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Make-up days set for NCSS students
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Bus drivers helped get students home safely during storm.

Newton County was run out of one location during the storm.



The Newton County Board of Education has approved a plan for students to make-up three of the seven missed instructional days due to inclement weather.

Three make-up days -- May 27, May 28 and May 29, will be added to the end of the current school year, making the last day of school for students, Thursday, May 29.

As a result of this plan, Newton County School System students will still be off the entire week of spring break. Other proposals on making up the days were thoroughly reviewed by district administrators and board of education members and this was chosen as the best option.

As a result of adding the three additional days to the school calendar, the school district is able to adjust the testing schedules for both the Criterion Referenced Competency Tests in elementary and middle schools and the End of Course tests in high schools. This allows us to give students one additional week of classroom instruction before taking these tests. District administrators and the board of education felt this was the most instructionally sound option.

Parents of current high school seniors will receive a school messenger call at the end of this week with information regarding high school graduation schedules.