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Honor Roll at Livingston
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The following students were named to the Honor Roll at Livingston Elementary School for the spring semester:

All A’s:

Hannah Gaston, Michael Tamasi, Taylor Malcolm, Isaac Harris, Trudy Cummings and Devin Goolsby.

A/B Honor roll:

Dalton Franklin, Temelly Leija, Gianna Perryman, Reanna Berry, Ethan Calendar, Ethan Conerly, Emily Cronan, Kaleena King, Courtney McBride, Cade Sadler, Breanna Archer, Jayden Bigby, Dylan Denison, Tyler File, Justin Henry, Marion Hill, Usafi Ishmael, Kayley Little, Adrian Robinson, Laurynn Scurlock, Taylor Boyd, Kylie Caron, Jacob Davidson, Kaylon English, Kayden Radney, Devin Scott, Ethan Yang, Alise Akridge, Triniti Brown, Jalen Cason, Kiyana Francis, Caleigh Hegwood, Erin Regan, Andrae Robinson, Shelby Wright, Jazmyne Atwater, Courtland Cantrell, Alexia Foster, Mason Garrett, Christian Perry and Remy Richardson.