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Greg Goins earns Certified Professional Public Buyer credential
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Greg Goins, Newton County School System Purchasing Specialist, has been awarded the Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) credential from the Universal Public Purchasing Certification Council (UPPCC). The UPPCC was established in 1978 by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) and the National Institute of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) to independently administer certification and promote procurement professionalism in the public sector.


Goins was one of 149 professionals who successfully completed the CPPB examination held May 4-9. The CPPB certification is a prestigious honor for individuals employed in the public purchasing profession and is an asset to their specific division of governmental administration.


To become certified as a CPPB, candidates must meet certain stringent criteria established by the UPPCC, including formal education, procurement coursework and training and public purchasing experience. A comprehensive written examination is required to confirm the candidate’s mastery of the body of knowledge for public purchasing professionals. The CPPB certification recognizes only those professionals who have completed this rigorous process.


“Mr. Goins makes an ongoing concerted effort to make certain the goods and services purchased by the school system represent the absolute best value,” said Mike Barr, Purchasing Coordinator for Newton County Schools. “He has worked to develop better and more cost-effective ways of purchasing diesel fuel, custodial supplies, fresh fruits and vegetables and many other items. He has also worked collaboratively with other local government agencies in an effort to combine purchasing power. Obtaining the CPPB certification is another example of his commitment to ensuring the wise use of public funds.”


“We appreciate employees like Mr. Goins, who exhibit a commitment to job-embedded professional development,” said Dennis Carpenter, Deputy Superintendent for Newton County Schools. “The internal motivation he has demonstrated through obtaining this national purchasing credential has added another level of professionalism to one of the most effective purchasing operations in the state. We are extremely proud of Greg!”