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CLASS DISMISSED: Newton school system sees 70 retire in 2021
Barbara Sims
West Newton Elementary School’s Barbara Sims retires after 30 years in education. She was among 70 to retire from the school system this year. - photo by Courtesy of Newton County School System

The Newton County School System is seeing 70 employees retire this year.

According to a list provided by the school system, they include:


M. Elaine Gooch, East Newton, 24

Pamela Sims, Newton County Theme, 29

Larry Houston, Transportation, 10

Jennifer Graham, Fairview, 38

Deborah Lenox, Porterdale, 17

Roxie Nunley, Fairview, 40

Tina Shepherd, Special Ed, 26

Addie Burdette, Flint Hill, 20

Charles Terrell, Fairview, 12

Bonnie Beshears, South Salem, 31

Nina Hill, Heard-Mixon, 23

Michael Critton, Porterdale, 15

Angela Rodriguez, East Newton, 25

Kerry Hood, Flint Hill, 21

James Freeman, Operations, 21

Kay Hill, Transportation, 16

Shirley Flanagan, Transportation, 42

Sherri Aiken, Heard-Mixon, 28

Willie Gilbert, Fairview, 12

Sheila Cooper, Fairview, 14

Annette Prince, Newton Co. Theme, 25

Jan Simpson, Fairview, 30

Connie Murphy, Porterdale, 24

Cathy Marks, East Newton, 23

Julie Moon, East Newton, 32

Susan Ballard, Newton Co. Theme, 30

Gretchen Cain, Mansfield, 30

Sharon Tagge, West Newton, 22

Mollie Weldon, Flint Hill, 32

Patricia Gann, East Newton, 36

Gladys Gordon, Fairview, 41

Mary Horton, Heard-Mixon, 25

Larry Hultquist, Oak Hill, 36

Lynne DiNardo, Flint Hill, 32

Betty Johnson, Transportation, 21

Darren Berry, Central Office, 28

Thomas McCaskill, Transportation, 32

Carol Ann McGiboney, Porterdale, 26

Stanley Thompson, Transportation, 20

Jeannette Williams, Transportation, 20

LaDell Greene, Transportation, 20

Melissa Lombardi, Flint Hill 14

Lynn Parham, Central Office, 28

Cynthia Bentley, Newton Co. Theme, 20

Allie Bruce, Newton, 34

Lilli Carol Burke, Newton College & Career Academy, 26

Katherine Digby, Newton Co. Theme, 11

Carla Esguerra, Newton College & Career Academy, 17

Charlotte Joy, Newton College & Career Academy, 36

Mary Key, School Nutrition, 24

George Miles, Newton College & Career Academy, 35

Sharon Rose, Alcovy, 15

Kathy Wills, Alcovy, 20

Saudia Muhammad, West Newton, 32

Sharon Williams, Special Ed, 34

Shirley Heard, Heard-Mixon, 10

Anna Peduri, Eastside, 22

Donna Vella-Brown, School Nutrition, 25

Sandra Bunn, Transportation, 21

Robert Green, Facilities, 18

Barbara Sims, West Newton, 30

Joseph Flanigan Jr., Transportation, 42

Janice Berstecher, Livingston, 17

Geneva Small, Porterdale, 24

Darlene Dunn, Newton, 11

Yolanda Eubanks, Newton, 12

Teresa Miller, Indian Creek, 21

Jacqueline Pennington, Clements, 27

Anthony Wilkins, Alcovy, 13

Gary Roberts, Newton, 25