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Board approves uniforms for Sharp students
Teachers seem excited
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Sharp Learning Center Dress Code

All clothing (including shoes) must be the appropriate size for the student. Baggy/oversized shirts, blouses, bottom wear, sweaters, sweatshirts, undershirts, jackets, coats and/or shoes are not authorized.

Shirts and Blouses
White (Oxford/Polo/Golf-type) shirt with a collar, buttons and no logos.
Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
Undershirts must be solid white with no lettering or design. Undershirts cannot be oversized or long.

Bottom Wear
Khaki full-length pants (no other colors).
Pants must fit the student’s waist and leg length and must be worn at the natural waistline.
Pants may not be hip-huggers, stretch pants, Capri, corduroy, jean-style, cargo-style or have pockets down the legs of the pants.
All students must wear a plain black belt. No decorative buckles or decoration around the length of the belt is permitted.
Students may not wear "layers" of clothes underneath their uniform. This includes additional pairs of pants, shorts, socks and any type of shirt other than a white undershirt.

Shoes must be closed-toe and closed-heel. Shoelaces are required.
Slippers, flip-flops, sandals or any type of slip-on shoe are not permitted.

Jackets/coats must be removed upon entering the building. Hoodies are not authorized for wear at anytime during the school day at Sharp Learning Center.
Students may not wear jackets, gloves or hats in the building.

Head coverings, grills, hair picks, bandannas, beads and/or sunglasses are not permitted.


The Newton County Board of Education unanimously approved uniforms for students attending Sharp Learning Center at Tuesday night's board meeting. Sharp teaches attending the meeting seemed excited about the approval.

According to the memo released at an April 14 board meeting, Superintendent Steve Whatley recommended the stringent dress code because it was a "positive and cost-effective way to create a more unified, positive and safe school climate focused more strongly on the learning process."

The idea of a uniform dress code, which has been discussed before, will hopefully minimize disruptive behavior, improve discipline, assist in preventing gang activity and allow for easy identification of intruders on campus.

The administration had spoken with several parents and has had positive feedback from them and the teachers at the school. Administrators even browsed local discount stores and found that an outfit that matches the dress code perfectly does not exceed $20.

The staff and administration of Sharp had requested that the dress code be implemented starting the 2009-2010 school year. The dress code will be in the packet of information parents are required to sign when their child is sent to Sharp so they will be aware of it before their child enters the school. The uniform can be purchased anywhere and parents are not required to purchase directly from the school or any specific store.

According to a copy of the dress code parents are responsible for their child and should make sure they follow the dress code both on campus and on the school bus every day. Dress code violations will require a parent conference for each occurrence.