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Newton County Jail Log - Dec 25
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o Kytrone Ramon Williams, 32, Shady Dale, Dec. 11. Public drunkenness.

o Joshua Kyle Wilson, 24, 4723 Ga. Highway 81, Apt. B., Covington, Dec. 12. Driving while license suspended, no tag lights.

o Dustin Paul Young, 22, Madison, Dec. 9. Theft by taking.

o Dustin Paul Young, 22, Madison, Dec. 8. Driving while license suspended, improper lane usage.

o Jason Kenneth Anderson, 34, Stockbridge, Dec. 20. Deposit account fraud.

o Leslie Bruce Asselstisne, 51, 3559 Salem Road, Covington, Dec. 16. Contempt of court.

o Huey Harrison Avery III, 53, 3152 West St., Covington, Dec. 16. Probation violation, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, loitering or prowling, probation violation.

o Darrell Kimsey Baxter, 40, 90 Wildflower Trail, Oxford, Dec. 21. Hold for Cobb County.

o Lacy Ann Beatty, 28, 1999 Dixie Road, Covington, Dec. 21. Probation violation, abandonment of dependent child.

o Daniel Eric Bowman, 34, 55 Laurel Ridge Court, Covington, Dec. 16. Court sentenced 180 days in jail, 20 years probation.

o Kristi Elizabeth Buffington, 40, Sandy Springs, Dec. 16. Court sentenced 90 – 150 days.

o Mark Douglas Coker, 43, Conyers, Dec. 17. Probation violation.

o Melvin Melquin Cooksey, 57, 10173 Dinah Circle, Covington, Dec. 21. Probation violation.

o Jerome Crawford, 39, Stone Mountain, Dec. 21. Court sentenced to 6 months work release.

o Delores Brown Dawson, 48, Lithonia, Dec. 17. Court sentenced to 30 days.

o Brittany Christina Dieterle, 24, 11748 U.S. Highway 278, Covington, Dec. 21. To serve 48 hours.

o Jerry Lee Eskew, 28, 700 Mills Drive, Covington, Dec. 20. Probation violation, child support default.

o Wanda Ulicia Finnie, 38, Conyers, Dec. 16. Probation violation.

o Christina Ruth Gantt, 27, Milledgeville, Dec. 20. Probation violation, bench warrant.

o Mathew Thomas Gilley, 19, Hampton, Dec. 20. Probation violation.

o Johnny Terence Grier, 33, 10236 Stone St., Covington, Dec. 16. Probation violation.

o Victor Delone Harris, 48, 3559 Salem Road, Lot G1, Covington, Dec. 18. Drug related objects, suspended, revoked or canceled registration, noise violation, probation violation.

o Tiffany Gail Ingram, 30, Conyers, Dec. 21. Probation violation.

o Thomas Edward Jenkins, 33, 1960 Old Concord Road, Covington, Dec. 15. Probation.

o Juan Antonio Lee, 42, 250 Victoria Blvd., Oxford, Dec. 17. Probation violation.

o Justin Lamar Lummus, 23, 8110 Capes Drive, Covington, Dec. 15. Child support.

o Travis Ryan Mason, 35, Conyers, Dec. 20. Probation violation.

o Tara Michelle McCart, 40, Conyers, Dec. 20. Driving while license suspended or revoked first offense, u-turns, suspended, revoked or canceled registration, no proof of insurance.

o Rocshawn Andrea Naji, 26, Atlanta, Dec. 15. Probation violation.

o Eric James Page, 30, 90 Flint Hill Drive, Oxford, Dec. 15. False imprisonment, battery, drug related objects.

o Junior Gary Qualls, 52, 51 Kellogg St., Mansfield, Dec. 15. Escape.

o Ismael Rios-Barbis, 21, 9149 Rhett Lane, Covington, Dec. 21. Family Violence Act battery, FVA false imprisonment, third degree cruelty to children.

o Timothy Alan Singleton Jr., 29, Thomaston, Dec. 17. Probation violation.

o Robbie Jarrod Smith, 26, 55 Windridge Drive, Covington, Dec. 20. Child support default.

o Darrell David Stanford, 54, 10146 Jeanette Court, Covington, Dec. 15. Probation violation, financial transaction card fraud, theft by taking.

o Roderick Leroy Strachan, 47, 3210 Lunsford Circle, Covington, Dec. 18. Probation violation.

o Douglas Albert Tackett, 26, 1891 Access Road, Covington, Dec. 21. Hold for Douglas County.

o Kristy Gayle Walls, 27, 61625 Pinecrest Drive, Covington, Dec. 20. Parole violation.

o Blake David Wilbanks, 28, 200 Parker Road, Covington, Dec. 17. Court sentenced.

o Fernando Zapien-Lule, 35, Lilburn, Dec. 17. License required (surrender of prior licenses), operation without, failure to correct defects.

o Corneilus George Benton, 56, Newark, Ohio, Dec. 20. Public indecency, disorderly conduct, public drunk.

o William Kenneth Bradford, 20, Social Circle, Dec. 19. Driving while license suspended.

o Dustin James Brookshire, 22, Acworth, Dec. 15. Contempt of court.

o William Keith Chaple III, 29, 265 Hunters Trail, Covington, Dec. 19. Hold for Peach County.

o Jahlani Wayne Clarke, 18, 8129 Hickory Drive, Covington, Dec. 18. Court sentenced.

o Richard Bernard Cobb, 17, 10218 Allen Drive, Covington, Dec. 20. Theft by taking.

o Robert Louis Crowe, 35, 165 Laurel Way, Covington, Dec. 15. Theft by receiving stolen property.

o Roger Evan Cyrus, 47, 160 Summer Walk Drive, Covington, Dec. 18. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, simple battery on police officer.

o Dominique Nicole Davis, 17, Atlanta, Dec. 18. Theft by shoplifting, giving false name or address, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, contributing to the delinquency of minor, theft by shoplifting.

o Lakisha Shanta Dickerson, 18, 95 Beaverdam Lane, Covington, Dec. 16. Contempt of court.

o Richard Shane Dodd, 28, 80 Crooked Creek Drive, Covington, Dec. 1 5. Failure to appear.

o Theodoric Drake, 39, Decatur, Dec. 16. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, giving false name or address, reckless driving, duty of driver to stop at or report, duty to report accident, no seat belts, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer.

o Belinda Darlene Ducket, 38, 3330 Dally Road, Covington, Dec. 18. Public drunkenness.

o Lisa Roseann Emerson, 36, Conyers, Dec. 21. Theft by shoplifting.

o Travis Shawn Ferington, 38, 140 Greenfield Way, Covington, Dec. 21. Disorderly conduct.

o Ashley Nicole Few, 19, 270 Huntington St., Covington, Dec. 15. Too fast for conditions, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

o Gary Lashaun Goshay III, 21, Longcreek, Covington, Dec. 17. Felony possession of marijuana.

o Dina Michelle Hanewich, 37, 2103 Elm St., Covington, Dec. 21. Disorderly conduct.

o Jadarious Lemar Hardy, 19, 45 Trelawney Drive, Covington, Dec. 17. Contempt of court.

o Richard Chevelle Harper, 24, 65 Shelby Oaks Trail, Covington, Dec. 16. Probation violation.

o Carrie Franklin Harrwell, 48, 6170 Forrest Drive, Covington, Dec. 19. Disorderly conduct.