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FBI’s ViCAP seeks information about possible Georgia victim of serial killer
Atlanta 1983-1984 White Girl.jpg

GEORGIA – The FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program is seeking information about a potential victim of 78-year old Samuel Little, who may be among the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history.

Little has confessed to 90 murders across the country, including seven Georgia murders, two of which have been confirmed. 

ViCAP is asking for information, in particular, about one of those unmatched Georgia cases that Little said happened in Atlanta in 1983 or 1984. Little, who drew a sketch of the victim, described her as a white female, heavy set, about 260 pounds, and 5-feet-8-inches tall, possibly wearing black tight pants. Little stated she was approximately 28-years-old and was from Griffin and worked as a topless dancer or prostitute in Atlanta. He said the victim had a son.

Little said he was driving a black Thunderbird at the time of the killing and that he met the victim at an Atlanta strip club. Little stated that he drove the woman to a “big Island,” not far from the strip club, with roads on both sides of the island that was wooded. Little stated that before choking the woman out, she begged him to give a message to her son before he killed her. He stated he pulled the woman into the wooded island and left her naked, and may have left her clothes with her body.

So far, law enforcement has found no missing person reports that fit the description of the victim, but ViCAP believes many of the victim’s cases may have gone unreported. 

The FBI is seeking information from anyone in Atlanta or Griffin who might recognize the woman from the sketch or from the information Little described. Anyone with information is asked to contact FBI ViCAP at 800-634-4097 or