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Ex-inmate's body went undetected near Newton County jail for days after release
Newton County Sheriff's Office
Newton County Sheriff's Office headquarters on Alcovy Road. - photo by Special to The Covington News

COVINGTON, Ga. — The Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) is investigating after a Social Circle man recently released from the county jail died and his body went undetected for three days before being found on the grounds of the NCSO’s northeast Covington headquarters April 26.

William Roberts, 44, was arrested and charged with public intoxication April 22. He was held in the county Detention Center and released April 23 “after he had sobered up and could get home safely,” according to a statement from the NCSO.

“His body was discovered behind the NCSO entrance sign (on Alcovy Road) which has zero visibility to the public eye, on April 26 by an NCSO employee,” it stated.

“Sheriff Ezell Brown and the NCSO began a thorough investigation of the incident. Through video surveillance, it was discovered Roberts, upon release from the facility, did not leave the area. He used the portable toilet located on the lawn of the facility, then he proceeded to lie down behind the NCSO entrance sign.

“It is unclear why Roberts laid down behind the NCSO entrance sign following his use of the portable toilet," according to the statement.

“The cause of death is unknown at this time.”