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Covington police arrest six in series of drive-by shootings

COVINGTON, Ga. — City police believe they have found who is responsible for a series of recent drive-by shooting incidents reported since Nov. 18 in Covington following the arrests of three adults and three juveniles.

Covington Police arrested three juveniles, including a 14-year-old, in connection with drive-by shootings Sunday, Nov. 21, at two separate residences, said spokespersons for the Newton County Sheriff's Office and Covington Police Department. 

They also charged three adults each with multiple counts of Aggravated Assault following a Thursday, Nov. 18, drive-by shooting on Thrash Street, said Capt. Ken Malcom of the Covington Police.

The three adults were arrested after Covington officers responded a report of gunshots in the Thrash Street area. Residents told a 911 operator "someone drove by and shot their house multiple times," Malcom said. 

He said Officer Matt Holbrook spotted a vehicle matching a description of the suspected shooters on Washington Street.

"Officers then conducted a felony stop and while clearing the passenger area of the vehicle, could see a gun in the backseat through the window," Malcom said. "Officers secured this firearm and also discovered a rifle and a third pistol." 

Covington Police charged three men who were inside the vehicle with seven counts each of Aggravated Assault.

They included driver Jamond Bloodshaw, 22, of Conyers; Deshawn Grayson, 22, of Covington; and Keith Parker, 21, of Covington. Grayson and Parker also were charged with weapons violations.

Officers recovered a 9mm pistol and an AR rifle from the vehicle. Investigators found 21 shell casings on Thrash Street, Malcom said. 

“There were seven people inside the residence at the time of the shooting and two of them were young juveniles. It was the grace of God that no one was injured as a result of the reckless act," Malcom said. 

Covington police became aware of possible suspects in the Sunday drive-by shootings after a Newton County sheriff's deputy began pursuing a vehicle Monday afternoon that had allegedly been stolen earlier the same day from a Georgia Hwy. 81 residence.

A Newton County sheriff's deputy reported a 2015 Chevrolet Traverse stolen from a residence on Georgia Hwy. 81 early Monday morning was spotted on Hwy. 36 Monday around 1:20 p.m. 

"A traffic stop was started when the suspect vehicle refused to stop," the deputy reported. "A chase was started and the vehicle had an accident at the intersection of Puckett Street and Laseter Street."

The wreck occurred when the vehicle struck a Bobcat parked on the side of the road, NCSO spokesperson Caitlin Jett said. 

At that point it was inside the city of Covington and "several people got out of the car," Malcom said.  

"The Covington officers and Newton County deputies worked together (and) we apprehended three of the people that ran from the car," he said. "From that stop, we were able to determine who all was involved in the drive-by shootings Sunday night." 

Covington Police charged the three juveniles in the vehicle for their alleged involvement in drive-by shootings that occurred Sunday, Nov. 21, at residences on Greenway Lane and Walnut Street, Malcom said.

Officers found one .45-caliber Automatic Colt Pistol shell casing and three 9mm shell casings in the street following the Walnut Street shooting. One round struck the residence and another round struck a vehicle in the driveway, Malcom said.

In the Greenway Lane case, officers recovered 13 9mm casings and 25 .40-caliber casings from the street. A vehicle in the driveway was struck and multiple rounds struck the residence, he said.

Malcom said Covington Police was continuing the investigation.

"We feel that we're going to have additional charges on others involved, and we believe we're going to clear up some other cases because of the arrests," Malcom said.