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Crime briefs: Armed robbery reported
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A man reported that two men robbed him at his home Tuesday.

A report from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy was dispatched to the Newton County Medical Center, where a man was being treated for his injuries.

The man told the deputy that he was sleeping at his Hazelbrand Road home when two males came through his door, waking him up. The two males, whom he wasn’t able to identify, demanded money and hit him in the head, knocking him out, he told the deputy. The report said when the man woke up, he contacted his mother, who took him to the hospital.

The total value of the items taken from the home was $4,149, the report said.

Woman attacks man, accuses him of cutting in line

A woman reportedly attacked a man while he was pumping gas on Christmas Eve.

An officer with the Covington Police Department responded to the Kroger gas station on U.S. Highway 278 in reference to an argument. An employee had reported to dispatch that a woman, later identified as Barbra Hudson, started to argue with a man at the gas pumps.

Upon arrival, the officer spoke to Hudson, who said the man cut in front of her in line for gas and it was her turn at the pump. Hudson told police that the man pushed her, so she pushed him back.

According to the report, the man said he was putting gas into two vehicles and pulled his granddaughter’s car up to the pump when he noticed a white car backing up as the driver blew the horn. The man said as he was pumping gas, the driver of the white car, Hudson, got out, yelling at him and grabbing the hose, trying to get it out of his gas tank. The man told the officer that Hudson was pushing and yelling at him, saying it was her turn and not his. He said at one point, Hudson pushed him back and he fell against the car, bending the fuel access flap back and putting a dent in it. The report said the officer spoke to two witnesses who both said the man was pumping gas that he had paid for into one car and was attempting to fill another car when Hudson backed up and was blowing her horn.

Witnesses also said Hudson was swearing and yelling at the man. Witnesses noted that the man did not yell at Hudson, but tried to explain that he was putting gas in two cars.

Hudson was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Video surveillance of the incident was taken into evidence.