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Macaroni Kid comes to Covington
macaroni kid

COVINGTON, Ga. — Macaroni Kid is excited to announce that it has come to Covington!  

Macaroni Kid is a free weekly e-newsletter and website that highlights all of the great things for kids and their families to do in our community.

Under the stewardship of Martine Stefanovic, Macaroni Kid Stonecrest-Conyers-Covington is poised to quickly become the go-to source for all things family. 

“As a local mom, I know how difficult it has been to keep track of the fun and enriching events and activities available for kids," Stefanovic said. "I’m extremely excited to bring Macaroni Kid to this community and look forward to the opportunity to support the many cultural, not-for-profit, school and just plain fun things there are to do in Covington.”  

Macaroni Kid covers the spectrum of things to do with kids -- classes, shows, events as well as things to do at home, cooking projects, book reviews, arts and crafts and more.

Parents in Covington can sign up to receive their weekly newsletter by visiting and selecting subscribe.  

In addition to events in Covington, we’ll be bringing reviews and insights about events and activities in Stonecrest, Conyers and surrounding areas, as well as featuring exciting ideas for family road trips and travel.