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Covington Planning Commission passes annexation of county parcel

COVINGTON, Ga. – On Tuesday, the Covington Planning Commission Board unanimously approved the annexation of a county parcel on Flat Rock Road based on staff recommendation with conditions. 

The annexation will be heard before the Covington City Council on Oct. 2 after being heard by the Newton County Board of Commissioners beforehand.

The six conditions include: 

  •    A minor flat requiring approval by the Planning and Development Department 
  •    A 100-foot buffer maintained along the southern and eastern property boundary lines with parcels 79-10 and 79-11 adjacent to non-industrial zoning once combined with a larger parcel
  •    Required permits must be obtained from the Planning and Development Department before any construction can begin on the property
  •    Must abide by the Outdoor Storage Requirements of Section 16-20-500 
  •    Limiting the use to a data center
  •    A low calculation report pertaining to development utilities usage to be submitted

Applicant Eric Johansen of Universal Planning and Development, LLC was present at Tuesday’s meeting. The parcel approved for annexation is approximately 16.66 acres undeveloped and is currently zoned M2 - heavy industrial. Its proposed use is to be utilized for a data center.

Johansen explained that Universal Planning and Development, LLC are the property owners through entities of every piece of property that touches the parcel. He stated that the parcel will ultimately become part of a larger 430 acre property to be used as a data center.

Commissioners Shawn McGovern, John Maxwell, Ruel Parker, Travis Moore and Felicia Sanders, John Travis and Travis Moore were present at the meeting.

Another item regarding the annexation of county parcels on the meeting’s new business agenda was unanimously deferred until the next Covington Planning Commission meeting on Oct. 10 at 6 p.m.