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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Ademola Shofoluwe, Resurgens Orthopaedics

Dr. Ademola Shofoluwe maintained an active lifestyle while growing up in Greensboro, North Carolina. He went from playing hide-and-seek with his childhood friends to being their teammates on the high school basketball squad. 

Today, he is a foot and ankle specialist doctor at Resurgens Orthopaedics in Covington where has been since September 2023. 

When Dr. Shofoluwe was a Southeast Guilford Middle School student, he realized he wanted to pursue the field he is currently in. 

“There’s nothing else I really wanted to do growing up. I can remember back in seventh, eighth grade when I was like, ‘I want to do that,’” Dr. Shofoluwe said. “I didn’t know how long it was going to take at that early age. Alright, ‘Does it take that long? Alright, that time is going to pass anyway so [I] might as well make good use of it.’ It’s just been a passion of mine since as long as I can remember.” 

That was just the launching pad for where Dr. Shofoluwe’s career has taken him. 

Dr. Shofoluwe graduated from Southeast Guilford High School before completing his undergraduate studies at The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. After taking two years off before going to medical school, Dr. Shofoluwe earned his master’s in biology from North Carolina A&T State University. 

Following his time there, Dr. Shofoluwe attended medical school at Indiana University and graduated in 2017. 

From there, he completed five years of residency from the Atlanta Medical Center with a one-year Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Fellowship at University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Shofoluwe’s initial interest in this field has just flourished across his career. 

“Now, I get to see my post-ops and see how they’re doing. That is satisfying to know that all the years and sacrifices you’ve put in, now you’re seeing the results of it, which are actually patient outcomes and being happy with the decision-making and the actual results of the procedures and operations,” Dr. Shofoluwe said. “That grows week-by-week, just seeing them come back and they’re happy with their outcomes.”

It was during his time at the Atlanta Medical Center that set Dr. Shofoluwe up to work at Resurgens. 

He worked with one of his mentors, Gary Stewart, and other Resurgens providers as part of the residency’s subspecialty rotations. 

“Having rotated with him and other providers with Resurgence as well made me familiar with practice kind of how to do things on the surface level, of course. Then, when the opportunity came up where there was a position open, I was definitely interested,” Dr. Shofoluwe said. “I really just got lucky to have a good fit here. There was a need for foot and ankle out here. I like the patient population that I have here, so it was a luckily a good fit for me.”

Dr. Shofoluwe’s specialty is foot and ankle, which includes foot and ankle trauma, fractures, Achilles tendon ruptures, deformities, reconstruction of the foot and ankle as well as the general orthopedics. 

Services that Dr. Shofoluwe provides to his patients are operative and nonoperative orthopedics. He does a lot of muscular and skeletal work that does not require procedure or operation (i.e. injections, short course of medications or review of X-rays. 

Particularly with his work at Resurgens, Dr. Shofoluwe appreciates an aspect of serving his current patients. 

“Whether it be they want to get back to work or they want to get back to their hobbies or their families, they are really motivated to get better. And that leads to better outcomes when they’re motivated for the rehab, they’re following the post-op protocol,” Dr. Shofoluwe said. “Very rarely will you see a generally large group of patients that have that same common goal of wanting to get better and get back to work and get back to life.”

Dr. Shofoluwe still keeps up his active lifestyle while living in Midtown, Atlanta. He frequents parks in the area with his go-to being Piedmont Park. 

To help motivate him, Dr. Shofoluwe listens to a lot of Kobe Bryant interviews and has read Bryant’s book, “Mamba Mentality.” 

But, most importantly for Dr. Shofoluwe, he wants to get the most out of what he does in life. 

“We only get one shot at this. So, why not just give it your all and be the best you can be. Not just from an ego standpoint, but it also helps people see the results of the work you put in and your patients are getting better,” Dr. Shofoluwe said. “That’s fulfilling, because I have a unique set of skills that patients need. Why not put it all in and be the best you can be? And then I can sleep well at night knowing that I did my best. 

“It’s also fulfilling for me to actually use my time wisely and deliver the time I have here on this earth to put forth good and, hopefully, return back to me good.”

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Resurgens Orthopaedics is located in Covington at 3211 Iris Drive Southeast. They are open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with walk-in hours being Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Resurgens Orthopaedics’ number is 770-787-4042.