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Ramsey's Produce
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Ramsey Produce is one of Covington's locally owned produce stands. Owned and operated by Jim Ramsey, the produce stand holds 40 plus basic items.

"We get 95 percent of our produce from the farmers market in Forest Park. The other comes from local farmers in the area," said Jim Ramsey. With fruits ranging from Washington apples and navel oranges to mangos and pomegranates, Ramsey's has something to satisfy a variety of produce and fresh food cravings. "We have all the citrus fruits you want," said Ramsey. "Our citrus fruits are the most popular, but come spring time it will be our cantaloupes, watermelons and peaches."

Ramsey's also offers holiday fruit baskets ranging in price from 10 dollars to 20 dollars. Ramsey's are also selling made in Georgia baskets that have an assorted collection of products produced in Georgia. Items vary from apple cider, home-made jam and Vidalia onion hot sauce.

If you are planning on having a big New Years dinner, Ramsey's has everything to get your year started of right.

They have large collards to bring you the big bucks in the new year, and the country ham and ham hocks to season your vegetables.

Ramsey's produce also offers specials through out the year depending on the time of the season. Right now the store is offering Washington apples six for $3.50, eight pound Indian River fruit baskets for five dollars and tomatoes $3.50 for a basket.