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Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Ikpe now with Piedmont Physicians Rockdale Orthopedics
dr. ikpe

CONYERS, Ga. - With school sports seasons under way, students, parents, athletes, coaches and fans will see a familiar face on the sidelines: orthopedic sports medicine physician Stephenson Ikpe, M.D. 

Piedmont Physicians Rockdale Orthopedics is excited to announce that Dr. Ikpe has joined the Piedmont team, but even though he’s wearing a new team jersey, he is still providing the same outstanding care his patients have come to expect. 

“I am excited to have joined Piedmont Physicians Orthopedics,” Ikpe said. “We have a comprehensive program that helps patients recover safely from their injuries and gets them back to their normal routine whether that is school sports, marching band, ALTA tennis or just walking in the neighborhood.”

Ikpe specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine with a focus on knee and shoulder surgery. He treats a range of orthopedic issues from torn ligaments and tendons to arthritis. He is skilled in a wide-variety of surgical procedures including knee and shoulder arthroscopy, reconstruction and arthroplasty. 

“I really enjoy working with my patients to develop a plan of care. When appropriate, we try to maximize more conservative treatment options such as physical therapy, but incorporate surgery when it is necessary to achieve our goals,” Ikpe said. “Recovering from an injury is a journey, but it is a journey that I take with my patients. We work together in finding ways to keep them informed, motivated and ultimately maximizing the outcomes.”  

Piedmont Physicians Rockdale Orthopedics is accepting new patients age 14 and older. Appointments may be scheduled online at or by calling 678-413-6276.