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HEALTHY LIVING: Strategies for battling daily mental health struggles

COVINGTON, Ga. — With 2022 in full swing, many people are setting goals to accomplish throughout the next 365 days. Some people, however, are struggling to make it day-by-day. 

There may be days where some battle the urge to stay in bed all day or try to overcome depressive thoughts, anxiety and all the stressors of life that people endure daily. 

View Point Mental Health Center in Newton County offers services to help with those dealing with a plethora of mental health issues. 

Located at 8201 Hazelbrand Rd NE, Covington, GA 30014, View Point offers such services for all people, too. 

“View Point Health serves uninsured, underinsured, low-income Medicaid, Medicare, war veterans and some private insurance across multiple locations with a full continuum of behavioral health services and supports,” View Point website’s home page says. 

There has been a stigma surrounding those with mental illness and often, individuals will continue to suffer to avoid others finding out they are in need of help. Whether it is embarrassment or shame, people don’t get help for their mental health, according to View Point professionals. 

Another reason why maintaining people’s mental health has become such an important issue is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the past two years, many people have lost loved ones and friends. Due to being in quarantine, the grieving process may have had to be done alone and has made people feel isolated. 

View Point urges each one to keep an eye out for the people close to you.  

With that in mind,View Point professionals advise a few self-care strategies, too. 

• Keep regular routines

• Avoid loading up on junk food

• Arise and dress daily (even if you don’t plan to leave home)

• Take a walk 

• Build a support system (via phone, virtual, email, text, etc…)

• Ask others around how they are coping

Even so, View Point doesn’t believe these self-care strategies completely substitute seeking professional help. 

For more information on View Point in Covington, visit

“Always remember, you are not alone and help is available,” Chantsy Watkins, director of Newton Outpatient Center, said.