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Rowdy disobedience
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A boisterous man was arrested Sunday night after refusing to leave a crowded block party.

Sgt. John Seabolt responded to the intersection of Puckett Street and Chaney Drive to assist other officers in breaking up a large gathering of people.

The people were standing in the road and in people's yards. Vehicles were parked on both sides of the road, while lose tires spun in the roadway.

Seabolt spoke with Jermaine Smith, who reportedly said, "You don't have enough room for all of us."

Smith had been drinking, according to Seabolt, who told the man and the people around him to disperse. Smith reportedly became very loud and refused to leave. David Bell attempted to persuade Smith to walk away, but Smith said no.

The house belonged Bell and Seabolt told him he could charge him with disorderly house. Bell told everyone to get out of his yard.

Smith walked down two houses, but stopped and joined another large group of people.

He then reportedly began to argue with the officers at that house. Seabolt again told Smith to leave, but Smith instead began to get loud, trying to excite the crowd. Smith finally left the house, but returned to Bell's yard.

Again Smith was asked to leave and be quiet, but he refused and said he was not going anywhere. Seabolt instructed officers to arrest Smith, who was transported to the Newton County Detention Center. At the NCDC, Smith reportedly told officers the crowd was "one thousand witnesses" to the incident.