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Myspace profile helps crack stabbing case
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Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff's Department were called to a home on Varner Street in the early morning hours of Sept. 11 in reference to a stabbing.

According to reports, when the deputy arrived he spoke to the victim, who reportedly told him that she and 18-year-old Ashley Dorn McFalls were hanging out and drinking that evening, but when McFalls went to leave she was unable to locate her cell phone.

An argument ensued between the two women and the victim reportedly told McFalls to leave. That's when McFalls allegedly came at the victim and cut her on the left arm, left breast and left hand - injuries that required hospital attention, according to reports. The victim reportedly told the deputy she did not know McFalls' last name but was able to pull up her MySpace profile on the computer which had the perpetrator's last name listed.

A lookout was given for McFalls' vehicle and a few minutes later a deputy stopped a vehicle matching the description and the driver was identified as McFalls. While deputies searched the vehicle, attempting to locate the item used to slash the victim, they reportedly found a small amount of marijuana in the center console. When asked who it belonged to, McFalls reportedly said she did not know.

McFalls was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana less than one ounce and aggravated assault.

Drunk causes tractor trailer to swerve off the road

A Covington Police officer responded to an accident at Turner Lake Road on the afternoon of Sept. 11 and ended up arresting 69-year-old Roy Davis on several charges, including driving under the influence.

According to reports, the officer found Davis had been traveling south on Tuner Lake Road when a vehicle in front of him stopped rapidly, causing Davis to swerve to the left to avoid an accident. Davis then allegedly made a 180 degree turn and continued south on Turner Lake, traveling backwards in the northbound lane. A tractor trailer traveling north was forced to swerve off the road to keep from striking Davis, according to reports, but was unable to do so and the two vehicles collided.

While interviewing Davis, the officer reportedly was able to smell the odor of alcohol emanating from him. He also noticed slurred speech and slow movements, indicative of someone under the influence of alcohol. When asked where he was coming from, Davis reportedly said that he had just left Waffle House where he had been eating with a female who the officer noticed was standing across the street at the time.

When asked if he had been drinking, Davis allegedly told the officer "not today."

The officer asked Davis to perform field sobriety tests and Davis allegedly replied, "We weren't doing that," at which point Davis was placed under arrest for DUI. The officer read implied consent, which Davis allegedly told the officer he didn't understand. The officer re-read implied consent and Davis once more said he didn't understand. The third time Davis claimed ignorance and the officer had another officer witness that Davis would not confirm he understood.

Officers then went to speak with the woman Davis said he had been eating with. The woman told officers she had not had lunch with Davis but had just finished getting her nails done. She also reportedly told officers she believed Davis had just left a bar.

Davis was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with DUI, failure to maintain lane and following too closely.