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Maintaining a beautiful lawn has never been so easy
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Are you often green with envy looking at your neighbors' luscious, healthy lawns? The secret to having the greenest lawn on your street doesn't necessarily mean spending the most time caring for it, but rather lies in providing nutrients with lawn fertilizers. The average homeowner only fertilizes the lawn 1.9 times per year when they should be fertilizing every two months.

"One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is not providing enough food for their lawn's health," said Jennifer Clark, marketing manager for Spectrum Brands, the maker of Sta-Green® products. "Traditional lawn maintenance can take time, and many busy homeowners don't have the hours it takes for monthly fertilizing and weeding."

Homes with attractive yards generally bring a premium price. Real estate agents confirm that there's no bigger edge than a home with top-notch curb appeal. It's the overall impression people get when they first see the property from the street. They must like the outside package before even considering opening the front door.

Professional Landcare Network and realtor estimates say landscaping can add up to 15 percent to property value. An article published in the January 21, 2007, issue of the Los Angeles Times found that real estate listings in which the word "landscaping" was highlighted sold 20 percent faster. Supporting this trend, a 2003 edition of Wall Street Journal's SmartMoney magazine stated, "If you spend five percent of the value of your home on landscaping, and do it wisely, you might get 150 percent or more of your money back."

Landscaping is one of the easiest ways for homeowners to quickly increase their home's value with little cost. Even just planting colorful flowers, grooming a lush lawn and adding greenery and potted plants creates a drastic transformation and higher perceived value.

A recent survey of 500 sellers and 100 real estate agents across the country found both groups agreed that enhancing a lawn or landscape was the top priority for getting a house ready to sell. Half of buying decisions are based on curb appeal, according to the National Association of Realtors, and it is at curbside where your efforts need to start.

The makers of Sta-Green products have introduced a new fertilizer that will keep your grass nourished and thriving for up to five months. The new Sta-Green Xtended Feed Lawn Fertilizer 35-5-5 is designed to promote a thick, green lawn and long-lasting performance. This product is guaranteed not to burn your lawn when used according to label specifications, so it works perfectly for almost every species of grass. Xtended Feed Lawn Fertilizer lasts up to five months, which allows consumers to focus their time and energy on other hobbies while still maintaining an impressive lawn.

Sta-Green lawn fertilizers give customers the necessary tools to

• Grow thick, dense grass to prevent weeds and resist disease or insects

• Develop strong roots and dark green blades

· • Provide a beautiful green outdoor rug for family play that traps dust, cools the environment and puts oxygen back into the air

The natural supply of nutrients in most soils is not enough to maintain an optimal level of grass growth. An adequate amount of nutrients in the soil, as provided by lawn fertilizers, will help your lawn to compete better against insects, diseases and weeds - not to mention it will also be greener.

Both warm and cool season grasses need attention during the summer. Lawns can be stressed by extreme heat and excessively wet or dry weather. Symptoms of lawn problems often start as yellow, tan, or brown areas of varying sizes in the lawn.

Sta-Green fertilizers, growing media, weed controls and grass seed help keep lawns looking beautiful year-round. Available exclusively at Lowe's, these products cost substantially less than other national brands and carry a satisfaction guarantee - making them the perfect solution for lawn care do-it-yourselfers.