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All I Want for Christmas...
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As I approach the crest of the middle-age hill, I felt it would be wise to write early to Santa this year. Now you must realize that I have not penned a letter to St. Nick since I was around 3 or 4 years young, so I thought this would be a great occasion to write and ask for what I feel I truly deserve and am entitled to.

Dear Santa,

I am writing very early this year because I do have a very long list of what I would like for Christmas. I have tried to be a good boy all year. I work hard every day, I do my chores and Honey-Dos" as I have the time, I have tried to be helpful to others, and have tried to give more to charity each year that I am graced with Gods gift of Life.

My list is no particular order of preference but, as a true patriot and lover of this great nation, I feel I deserve every thing I am asking for.

1. I would like a President who understands that for any immigration reform to take place, we must seal our borders with physical barriers immediately.

2. I want the Senate and the House of Representatives to lose their pensions and have to make their retirement solely on Social Security, the greatest fraud ever forced on the American people.

3. I would like a Senate Majority Leader, (Harry Reid), who did not do everything in his power to undermine our President, our Military and their mission.

4. I would like a Congress that did not add hundreds, sometimes thousands, of earmarks to every piece of legislation that they write.

5. I would like a Senate where the members cared more about their constituents than their re-election.

6. I would like a Speaker of the House who understands the Constitution and the fact that it is the Executive branch of the government that set foreign policy, (Nancy Pelosi).

7. I would like a Congress that could act more mature than a bunch of snot-nosed spoiled brats.

8. I would like a voting electorate that cares more about their country than they care about American Idol, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan.

9. I would like to see parents PARENT their children instead of looking for someone else to do it for them.

10. I would like a government that stays out of MY pockets to pay someone unwilling to contribute to our society.

11. I would like the Main Stream Media to quit being the propaganda channel for our enemies.

12. I would like the Senior Senator from New York, (Chucky Schumer), to realize that he does NOT run the country, and that the President appoints Supreme Court Justices, not a blow hard from New York.

13. I would like our citizens to take pride in their country again and trumpet its accomplishments instead of whining about its failures.

14. I would like there to be a true American as the elected representative from Pennsylvanias 12th congressional district instead of a man who has accused our brave men and women in Iraq of being Cold Blooded Murderers, (Jack Murtha).

15. I would like our country to enforce the laws on the books instead of writing new ones that will never be enforced.

16. I would like all of our countrys citizens to use the New York Times, the LA Times, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, and the Washington Post as the bird cage liners that they have become.

17. I would like former President Jimmy Carter, Senator John I served in Vietnam Kerry, and Helen Thomas of the Associated Press to just go away.

18. I would like Senator Ted Stevens Alaskan Bridge to Nowhere collapse as he cuts the ribbon when it opens.

19. I would like to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. We can start by drilling in my yard; I can assure you, I will not have a problem with it.

20. I would like to see our Senior citizens be exempt from paying Income and Property Taxes.

21. I would like for the world to remember that there has never been a greater beacon of liberty and freedom than these United States.

22. I would like people to be responsible for the decisions they make instead of always blaming it on someone else.

23. I would like to make sure we never have another President who brings shame to the office of the President by having extra-marital sex with 21 year old interns in the White House.

24. I would like all people who feel that America is great because of its government to move to Venezuela, Cuba, or France where they can enjoy Socialism to its fullest.

25. Lastly, I would like our citizens to understand the Freedom is not FREE, that it is paid for by the blood of true American heroes who fight the necessary battles to confront evil in our time. These heroes do not ask for glory, all they want is respect.

Well, that is a pretty long list Santa, but like I said, I deserve it.

I leave you,

Simply American