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Q&A with Tennessee football commit Jaquan Henderson
Jaquan Henderson
Newton's Jaquan Henderson is committed to Tennessee, but is still leaving room to be courted by other schools. - photo by Gabriel Stovall | The Covington News

Last week Newton’s Jeremiah Holloman officially signed a letter of intent to play football at UGA. But Holloman is not the only Division I prospect that adorned the Newton football roster this past season. 

Senior outside linebacker Jaquan Henderson is currently committed to Tennessee. But that hasn’t stopped the college football suitors from showing up to his doorstep. In just the last month, Henderson has entertained close to a dozen home visits, and has 23 offers other than the one from the Vols. 

Sports editor Gabriel Stovall got the chance to catch up with the 6-foot-2, 205 pound senior last week after Holloman’s signing ceremony to chat with him a bit about his recruiting process. 



The Covington News: First of all, how does it feel to see one of your teammates sign to UGA recently? 


Jaquan Henderson: “It really is a great feeling to have witnessed that. It shows you that everything is possible, and that when you have the hard work that you put into it and you stay loyal to the grind, all that effort will pay off in the end. That’s what he did.”


TCN: He’s a receiver, and you are a linebacker who’s also played a little DB. Did you ever have to battle against him in practice? How tough was that? 


Henderson: “Oh, It was great practicing with him. Every time we were out there with each other, we were always competing. He gave his best and I gave my best, and we got better each and every day because of that. So I’m definitely thankful for that.”


TCN: Since you’re still entertaining visits, are you still strongly committed to Tennessee? 


Henderson: “I’m still strong with my commitment there, but, you know, Signing Day is still a couple of months away, so anything can happen. But as for now I’m still strong on Tennessee. 


TCN: Which schools have been hottest on your trail, and what are you looking for in a school?


Henderson: “Well, it’s been Michigan State, Indiana, Nebraska and North Carolina that have been coming the hardest. But as for what I’m looking for, the main thing is just getting a degree from a place that’s going to mean something. I want to go somewhere that’s going to help change and impact my whole life.” 


TCN: What are you looking to study once you get to college, and what do you see yourself doing after football? 


Henderson: “I’m going to study business communication, and I actually want to be a funeral home director. Somebody’s gotta do it. People die Every day, and someone needs to be there for those families.”




TCN: How big has your Newton experience been in aiding you for the next level? 


Henderson: “Being at Newton, I mean, it really has meant a lot. I think the coaches here are doing a phenomenal job. I think they’ve showed us that if you stay committed to the grind and do your part, everything else in terms of success will speak for itself.”