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Former Newton track star Elija Godwin recovering from javelin injury
Elija Godwin
Former Newton speedster Elija Godwin set another school record for the Georgia Bulldogs over the weekend. - University of Georgia Athletics

By Justin Baxley

The Macon Telegraph

ATHENS, Ga. -- A University of Georgia sprinter had to be rushed to the hospital on Tuesday after suffering a potentially life-threatening injury, according to 11 Alive.

Elija Godwin, a freshman on the team was doing a backwards sprint drill when he ran into the javelin sitting on the javelin rack. It went through the runner’s back and punctured his lung.

Teammates rushed to his aid and put gauze around the wound until they were able to transport him to the hospital for surgery. Medical personnel had to saw off the piece sticking out of his back to get him into the ambulance, but the front piece of the javelin was still in his chest, according to report from 11 Alive. He was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

They spoke with the boy’s mother, Ginger Luby, who said that he is out of surgery, off the oxygen and breathing on his own.

The injury will cause Godwin to miss the remainder of the season but a full recovery is expected according to UGA Director of Sports Medicine Ron Courson.

“We would like to express appreciation for all those who acted so quickly and efficiently in coming to the aid of Elija,” said Courson. “Special thanks to our sports medicine staff, UGA Police Department, Athens-Clarke County Fire-Rescue, National EMS, and Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.”