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Our Q&A With Eastside Lady Eagles freshman Alysse Dobbs
Freshman Alysse Dobbs is one of the leading scorers on a steadily improving Eastside girls basketball team.

When the Eastside Lady Eagles basketball team defeated Druid Hills 47-29 on Friday night, it not only gave the Eagles another win on the season. It gave them two wins in the same week for the first time this season. Eastside coach Glenda King has said from the season’s onset that it would be a building year for a young team that often sees three or four freshmen on the floor at the same time on any given night.

Among those freshman is Alysse Dobbs. Dobbs had 19 points in Friday’s Druid Hills win. She was also the only Lady Eagle to score double figures against Newton this past Wednesday. King calls her one of her more consistent players, both as a scorer and emerging leader.

After Friday night’s win, we got the chance to catch up with Dobbs to get her take on her, and the team’s progress at the season’s midpoint.


The Covington News: After the Friday night win, we could hear your team hollering and screaming in the locker room. What did Coach King say to get you so excited?

Alysse Dobbs: “Well it’s a region game and we knew wanted to win all of, or as many of our games in region as we can. So it was exciting for us to come out here and get a win against them again.

TCN: It seems like you all are having a lot more fun now than, perhaps, at the beginning of the season. Why do you think that is?

Dobbs: “Throughout the season we’ve all created a stronger bond and we’ve gotten to know each other better. Now that we’ve gotten to know each other better, we just kind of play around with each other now. But it helps us to play better together.”

TCN: Coach King has said you are one of the more consistent players on this team. You’ve led the team in scoring a few times this season. How does it feel to have that kind of load on you as a freshman?

Dobbs: “It feels good. I mean I really don’t think much about how I score or how much I score. I just go out there and play. I just go play how I play, so I’m not always the high scorer out there, but I don’t concern myself with that. I just go out and play.”

TCN: So you have played, and started, in both softball and basketball here at Eastside. Which sport is your favorite?

Dobbs: “I don’t know. That’s a hard decision. Basketball keeps me in shape when I’m not in softball. I’ve always liked basketball because it’s fun. And then softball, I get to interact with my teammates, and I get to know everybody, and it’s just a good sport and I love it.”

TCN: How have you become a better basketball player throughout your freshman season?

Dobbs: “The coaches, they give me pointers, and they tell me not to always rely just on my jump shot. And with that, they help me throughout practice and in the games.”

TCN: Last question for you. How do you see yourself, and this team improving the rest of the year?

Dobbs: “I want to improve myself by not just trying to shoot every time, and learning to pass the ball off more and getting everybody a turn. And I see the team improving throughout the year because as we get to know each other better and create a greater bond, we concentrate more in practice and practice harder and it definitely will help us in games.”