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At least Eastside doesn't have Tim Tebow
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Eastside football may have its problems this year. Injuries and suspensions, a talent drain on the offensive line and a new quarterback come to mid. But at least the Eagles don’t have to deal with what the Denver Broncos are going through with Tim Tebow.

I bring up Tebow only because Eastside made a switch at quarterback last week and as we all know, QB changes are the worst thing a football team has to go through. When it happens it’s usually because the quarterback play has necessitated a change. Rarely do they happen on a team in the playoff hunt but that’s exactly what Eastside is going through.

Demario Terrell made his first start last Friday and he took advantage of his opportunity. He completed 10 of 15 passes for 178 yards and threw three touchdowns. Not a bad debut. But, and there’s always a but, how much stock should we take in one start?

It’s important to look at Terrell’s performance with cautious optimism. The truth is, Eagles Landing is a terrible football team. Eastside exploited every weakness on the field and there were plenty. Still, it was the perfect scenario. Get the kid his first start after a bye against a team he could be successful against. All Terrell has is positive feelings and that can only breed confidence. Going into the season finale, with everything on the line, you’d want to have a confident quarterback.

Ultimately Terrell played very well and right now Eastside coach Rick Hurst looks like Bill Walsh with Joe Montana. Walsh worked Montana into the fray slowly and made sure he put his young quarterback into situations he could be successful in. It turned out to be the smartest thing Walsh ever did — and that’s talking about the man who invented the West Coast offense — the style of offensive football we see in the NFL to this day. Like Walsh, Hurst made the change against the best team (for Terrell to be successful against) he could.

Of course Hurst made the change in a desperate move to save Eastside’s season and try and spark his team. He hopes the move will propel the Eagles to a fourth straight playoff run. So we really can’t say his move mirrors what Walsh did with Montana. But it may turn out paying off much like it did for the 49ers all those years ago.

Will the move to Terrell be the defining point of Eastside’s season? Can the sophomore play just as well against a tougher Henry County team this week with the pressure of a playoff berth on the line? Is the Eagles do win, can Terrell be an effective quarterback in the playoffs? And if Eastside wins a state championship this year, do we elevate Hurst to the genius status of a Bill Walsh?

These are all good questions. They’re questions we’re going to get the answers to soon. The reality is, Eastside needed something and so far Terrell’s insertion at quarterback is working. That’s all you can ask for at this point. Although, I’m sure Eastside wouldn’t mind having Tim Tebow right now.


Javonte Williams watch

Newton running back Javonte Williams continued his pursuit of 1,000 yards with a second-straight 100-yard game Friday. Heading into last week’s game Williams needed 233 yards over his final two games to become the Rams’ first 1,000-yard back since Greg Lackey did it in 1998. Williams almost hit the mark in one. The diminutive yet powerful senior ran for 218 yards and two more scores in Newton’s 23-3 win over Langston Hughes.

Williams needs just 15 yards to pass 1,000 yards. With Newton at home facing Luella for a chance to go to the playoffs, it’s a pretty good bet he’ll get there.


Week 9 fantasy studs

With Alcovy idle, Devon Edwards wasn’t this week’s fantasy stud of the week. Although he looked pretty good in practice so we’ll at least give him a quasi nod. Instead a couple of newcomers and a familiar face made the list.

Javonte Williams’ 224 rushing yards and two touchdowns for Newton give him 34 fantasy points. That’s back-to-back weeks I wish I’d had him in my league.

Eastside quarterback Demario Terrell also had a nice game. His 178 yards and three touchdown passes gave him 19 points in my standard-scoring league. While those aren’t Aaron Rogers or Drew Brees numbers (from last week’s Colts game, not the egg he laid at St. Louis Sunday), 19 points from a high school quarterback is very good.

Finally Eastside receiver Dante Blackmon had that signature game he’s been looking for all year. After racking up 100 yards the game before but being shut out of the end zone, Blackmon found paydirt twice Friday. He caught six passes for 118 yards and two scores — good enough for 24 fantasy points.

I’d have taken all three of these guys for my team Sunday. Instead I was saddled with Brees (season-low 10 points), Ryan Torain (one flippen point after scoring zero last week) and Jabar Gaffney (four points. I knew I should have never picked up a Florida receiver). Just one of those guys would have pushed me over the top. Instead I lost to the worst team in my league.