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Kendarrius Spear serves as Player-coach for Alcovy boys basketball
Alcovy’s Kendarrius Spear (1) reacts after converting on a basket while being fouled by a Mundy’s Mill defender. - photo by Anthony Banks | The Covington News

COVINGTON, Ga. — The Alcovy boys basketball team has a lot of young talent that has emerged as future stars of the program. But there is one upperclassman to help foster those underclassmen’s potential — Kendarrius Spear. 

Taking on that role has been important for the senior guard. 

“I feel like my season has been great so far,” Spear said. “I was able to get the younger class ready for the upcoming season.” 

One of the ways Spear has led the Tigers has been through his voice. And, prior to this season, he didn’t comprehend how impactful being vocal is on the team. 

“I feel like I can speak up more for my team,” Spear said. “I never understood how much my voice means to my younger team until now.” 

The biggest thing that drives Spear in his favorite sport is his competitive nature. That’s why he’s been enthralled with being on the court since seventh grade. 

However, the top motivation for his individual growth on and off the court transcends the sport. 

“A lot of people where I’m from don’t make it out,” Spear said. “A lot of people around me are stuck in a cycle that I personally want to be the first to break. I also couldn’t let my great grandmother and auntie down.” 

Knowing this makes Spear intentional in his preparation process. 

Before every game, Spear listens to music and “gets hype” while aiming to shoot 25-50 made jump shots. 

But working on his jump shot isn’t the area he has seen the most improvement. 

“I learned last year it was very hard for me to take criticism,” Spear said. “I feel as if I had to play a bigger part not only as a player but a player coach this year. I also learned how to talk to my teammates & encourage them without just breaking them down but also building them up.” 

Spear also aspires to make his mark on Alcovy’s track team in the spring. That doesn’t take away from his future goals on the hardcourt. 

After high school graduation in May, Spear plans to attend college to play basketball while majoring in digital marketing. Further down the road, Spear wants to play overseas and travel the world. 

However, Spear is excited to see how the Tigers finish the year, especially since it’s his senior season. 

“A lot of people in the community don’t understand how it feels to have such a young team,” Spear said. “But some people rise to the challenge and others shy away from the light.”