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Woman Tased after resisting arrest, refusing to sign traffic ticket
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Conyers Police fired a Taser on a Covington woman twice because she was allegedly resisting arrest and refusing to sign a traffic ticket Tuesday afternoon.

According to the police report, Shaquita Pitts, 28, allegedly refused to sign the traffic citation she was being issued because "she did not agree with" the charges against her. Officers Chase Bagwell and Anthony Cook attempted to arrest her for not complying with state law.

Under Georgia law, a signature is required on citations as an acknowledgement of the citation and of the person's obligation to appear for trial for the accused offense.

According to the police report, Bagwell stopped Pitts' 2015 Hyundai Elantra just before the Salem Road exit going eastbound on I-20 allegedly for several violated traffic offenses.

"I witnessed the Hyundai fail to maintain lane and strike the rumble strip in the far right lane," Bagwell wrote. "While traveling behind the vehicle, I noticed the driver changed lanes quickly without signaling an intention to turn while in heavy traffic. I also paced the vehicle at 83 miles per hour for about 10 seconds between the Highway 138 and Salem Road exit ramp."

Once pulled over, the two officers attempted to get Pitts to sign the citation but she refused. Bagwell and Cook then made attempts to arrest Pitts but were unsuccessful because she was allegedly "flailing her arms and not obeying our commands."

According to Cook, Pitts was "told approximately 10 times to put her hands behind her back" and "four times that she would be Tased."

Bagwell then drew his Taser and fired it at Pitts' right thigh.

"Pitts showed no effect of the Taser while and continuing to pull away," wrote Bagwell. "Seeing this, I attempted to follow up drive stun (touching the Taser directly) on Pitt's legs and as a result, Pitts fell backwards onto her back and began kicking me in the groin area with several hard kicks."

Since the first Taser attempt seemed to have no effect on Pitts, Cook fired another Taser shot. This time, the shot hit her in the hand, and Cook also used a drive stun.

"By this time, Pitts stopped resisting and allowed me to place her right hand in the handcuffs," wrote Cook.

After being treated for any injuries at the Rockdale Medical Center, 1412 Milstead Avenue, Conyers, Pitts was transported to the Rockdale County Jail. She is being charged with felony obstruction, failure to maintain a traffic lane, speeding, failure to use a turning signal and failure to sign a citation.