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Woman on limited DUI license flips truck

A Conyers woman already on a limited DUI license was charged with DUI after she flipped over in her truck on Sunday evening in the River Ridge subdivision off of High Roc Road.

Rockdale County Sheriff's Office deputies arrived at the accident scene around 9:20 p.m. at Grassy Springs Court near Blue Ridge Lane.

They found a a white pickup truck flipped over on its roof and a witness who said the driver was leaving the scene.

The deputy noticed the suspected driver, Conyers resident Destiny Mansur, was "acting very strange and that she was possibly intoxicated," according to the incident report. After closing the gap of the approximately 150 yards between him and Mansur, according to reports, he then noticed a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath and person, and that she was also unsteady on her feet and seemed like she was having trouble keeping her balance.

Upon attempting to talk with Mansur she mumbled and was very quiet except for saying she flipped her truck and was thankful she was alive, saying she was in shock.

When the deputy asked if she had been drinking she said no, and when he asked if she had been injured she said she didn't know. While inspecting her face for injuries, according to reports, the deputy noticed her eyes were watery, red and dilated.

After an ambulance was called, Mansur became, according to reports, "very uncooperative and refused to give any information as to her name and address." She said she was going probably 30 miles per hour and had a bad break job. Later the deputy noticed the breaks and break pads appeared to be in good order.

After the deputy explained to Mansur that he smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage, she replied that she has a "BS BA Degree and that I was violating a lot of civil rights."

She then refused to do a field sobriety test and refused help from the EMS.

The deputy then placed her in custody, "based on roadway evidence, visual observations of Mansur, her physical manifestations and her complete unwillingness to cooperate."

When her license was run, it was discovered that she had a limited DUI permit, meaning she could only drive to work, school and the hospital. However, a relative said Mansur was not going to or from any of those places, and that she just left the house 30 minutes ago to get something to eat and does not work on Sundays.

Mansur was charged with DUI, Improper lane/or lane change, striking fixed object, duty to stop at accident and violation of conditions on limited driving permit.

Although the turn at Grassy Springs is about a 90 degree angle, according to the RCSO there hasn't ben any accidents reported there since Jan. 1, 2009 when a vehicle crashed into a parked car.