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Wilson: A word from the Chief
Wilson Gene small - CPD chief
Conyers Police Chief Gene Wilson

As we enter the holiday season, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I would also like to ask all our citizens for their continued assistance in making and keeping our community safer.

Recently, we have had several citizens give us information and tips on in-progress crimes. It is imperative that you contact us if you witness something or see something that just doesn't seem right. The quicker we get the information, the quicker we can respond. Please don't wait to call us - by then the bad guy might get away. We are making a lot of cases based on these tips. In order to continue making these arrests, we need speedy calls. In the event that you call, we will do everything possible to keep your call anonymous if you wish. We also offer rewards for information that leads to the arrest and/or conviction of criminals.

We recently starting taking steps to prevent thefts of copper pipes from area residents' air conditioning units and making it more difficult for thieves to cash in on their crimes if the copper is stolen. Our officers are working to mark the valuable metals inside AC units with bright blue neon paint and then attach a sticker to the exterior of the unit warning would-be thieves that the metals have been marked. If you are interested in participating in this program, you should contact Lt. Jack Dunn at (770) 929-4211.

Members of our Community Outreach Unit recently gave a Holiday safety seminar at the Olivia Haydel Senior Center where there were approximately 50 seniors in attendance. This seminar is an opportunity to reach the seniors and pass on safety tips and new scams.

Our officers are currently conducting robbery prevention seminars. During the holidays and this busy time of the year, we recognize that crimes of opportunity are more prevalent. This is our effort to educate business owners and employees on the front lines of what to do and not to do in a robbery situation. We want to ensure the safety of businesses and their patrons during the holiday season and year-round. For more information or questions about the robbery prevention seminars, call (770) 483-6600 or email

We are also gearing up for our 4th annual "Shop with a Cop" event. This event will be held on Saturday, Dec.17. We are still in need of donations to make this event as successful as previous years. All funds help in-need children have a special Christmas. All funds raised will be used to purchase Wal-Mart gift cards that the children get to use while shopping one-on-one with Conyers Police Officers and Rockdale County Sheriff's Deputies. Any amount you can spare will help us with our goal. The Shop with a Cop hotline is (770) 483-5780 and the email address is

At the beginning of last week, our department underwent the State of Georgia Law Enforcement Certification Assessment On-Site Process. At the end of the assessment, the assessment team met with me and let me know that they will recommend that we become a state certified law enforcement agency once again. The next step in the process will be for the final report to be reviewed by the State Joint Review Committee where it will be decided if we are awarded the Certification.