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Where my girls at?
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I get lots of questions about what to do with your girlfriends other than the standard chick flick and shopping trip. You might be asking the wrong person, since I don’t typically keep a lot of female friends, but I am a social girl, so I’ll do my best to be sweet and answer your question.

I might not be a girl’s girl, but I get the need for time to yourself. As a single mom, I need to get some me time every once in a while, so maybe we can relate on that level.

I’ve said it before, and I am sure I will say it again: friendships are a type of relationship and they need to be nurtured, just like you would a relationship with your dude. When you’re friends with mostly guys, sushi every so often and a text of a mean e-card a couple of times a week is usually enough to sustain the friendship. With girls, not so much.

And just because we’re the fairer sex, doesn’t mean girls should only be allowed to do things like buying shoes (which is fabulous, don’t get me wrong) or going to see a Nicholas Sparks movie together. Fairer doesn’t mean second class, and it doesn’t mean we can’t like awesome things.

Get cultured – Skip the movie at a local theatre and go big or go home. Get dressed up fancy and go to The Fox. Don’t give me that nonsense about it costing too much either. Go during the week and the tickets are cheaper, the traffic is less of a pain in the rear in Atlanta, since you’re heading into the city when everyone else is going home during rush hour, and when you’re done there’s no one driving around because they’ve already tucked in for the night. You might be a tiny bit sleepy the next day, but it’s worth it.

Get drunk – I kid, I kid, don’t get drunk, necessarily, but there are actually some wineries around Georgia that you could plan a weekend around. I recently went to Ellijay and apparently there’s a pretty nice one there, but I had my son with me, and I’m pretty sure that even in the mountains, taking a pre-schooler to a winery is probably frowned upon. But take your girls and book a cabin – when you split the cost a few ways it’s not too pricy – and tour a winery, do some taste tests, and then play Cards Against Humanity (my new favorite and completely inappropriate game) by the fire in a cabin and talk about how silly men are while you drink some of that wine you are sure to bring home with you from your day at the winery. And think of how fancy you’ll look on Facebook when you post pictures of you and your girls in front of mountains and rows and rows of grapes.

Get crunk – And I don’t mean go out to some random club and attempt to twerk. Go to a dance class. You can take your pick. If you want to learn some ballroom moves or how to gyrate on a stripper pole, it’s great exercise, super good fun, and if you’re going with your girlfriends there’s no pressure. If you all suck, it’s totally okay. Then, when you’ve totally got your moves down, you can plan a night out where you can show off your moves. If you live in Atlanta there are plenty of places to use whatever skills you care to learn. Even the stripper ones. And if you’re super brave, there’s always burlesque.

Get silly – This could work in a variety of ways. You could go the cheating route and go to a comedy show at The Punchline or something like that, OR you could go hardcore and take some improv classes. Being naturally hilarious myself, I don’t need these sorts of classes, but I would be happy to judge you on your wit if you want. There are tons of spots in Atlanta, and even some locally that offer improv classes, then top it all off with a little performance for friends and family. It’s always good to step outside your box, so if the thought of this makes you a little scared, then I say go for it. You’ll be with your girls, and they probably already laugh at you when you do something foolish – I would if I were your friend. So kick those nasty little hobgoblin thoughts out of your head that tell you that you aren’t funny, and make like the President of your own fantastic little fan club. If you’re confident in your awesomeness, everyone else will be too.


And the next time I hear someone telling me there’s nothing for them to do with their friends on the weekend I am going to start quoting my own article. And there’s nothing worse than a sanctimonious writer. Trust me.