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Where is the ethics committee?
Letter to the Editor
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Dear Editor: I am writing today to publicly indict Richard Oden on many matters; and to ask him, “Where is the Ethics Committee??”

The Ethics Committee is a “watchdog group” voted in and codified as law during JaNice Van Ness’ previous administration — that is the group before all of this group was in place. Of course, not only would it keep the Board “in check” but also would provide all of the citizens of Rockdale County an opportunity to challenge any of the board’s action(s) should they not be warranted for any reason. Thus, instead of “begging” those in charge to do their job, had this committee been in place, I could have gone to them.

I am asking Richard Oden to answer that question, “Where is the Ethics Committee?” I think it is an ongoing dictator-type of leadership, so probably only he can answer. I said before in speaking to the Board of Commissioners that probably the two other commissioners are “hesitant” to speak out if it is something that he is opposed to.

Richard Oden is always claiming more than his rightful share — including less than full time on the job which he is handsomely paid about $100K per year for. And not establishing this Ethics Committee while claiming all of the services of someone who is put there to help all of the board members. And refusing to help me help the animals suffering because of the lack of ordinance enforcement. 

And the latest indictment I have for him: the refusal of letting Channel 23 have a public forum of the local primary and nonpartisan election. The request came from the Rockdale County Chamber of Commerce and other groups. The “reason” that it was turned down was because there not a budget or process to handle a three-hour broadcast of this important forum.

This Channel 23 is not controlled by the cable company. Its upkeep is provided by tax money from the citizens of Rockdale County and managed by the Board of Commissioners. This was not given to us by any generosity on anyone’s part; it was because the local cable provider wanted easy access to Rockdale County homes.

We can see why Richard Oden would oppose this. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican or black or white or other, know your rights and seek enforcement as I am doing, for yourself and those you love, and all of the other citizens. I have voted for blacks at the local level as well as the national level — I do claim to be a Democrat and voted for Brian Jenkins. In the coming election I will support Jason Hill; he has political experience and appears to be an honest candidate seeking to serve instead of to rule. Remember that Richard Oden is a “gluttonous” public servant seeking to hide and cover up as he tries to rule instead of govern.

I am hoping for a new Board of Commissioners Chairman-someone who will listen to the people who pay him — “We” the Rockdale County citizens.


Carol Nailen

Rockdale County