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Welcome to Your Weekend: Ice Cream, You Scream...

If you don’t spend a heinous amount of time on the internet (like some people…cough…not me, of course…double cough) then you might not know that it’s National Ice Cream month. Here’s the scoop on National Ice Cream month: In 1984 Ronald Reagan said “Hey, Americans, you love ice cream more than just about anything else. Let’s give it its very own month and have some festivals and stuff.” Alright, I’m paraphrasing. I’m sure that sounded much more eloquent and presidential when he said it. Anyways, July was chosen for its position right in the middle of summer. You’ve only got about a week left to get in on the frosty fun. 

The best way to celebrate National Ice Cream month is Atlanta’s Ice Cream Festival at Piedmont Park this Saturday. Park entry is free, but make sure you’ve got the green to visit the vendors and sample all the ice creamy goodness. Stroll through the vibrant park setting and try an exciting new flavor combination, or binge on an old favorite. Enter the ice cream eating competition. The rules are shrouded in mystery, but one thing is certain: you will get to eat a few scoops of ice cream in the process. So, when you think about it, no one actually loses that competition…unless you suffer a tragic brain freeze. Although ice cream is certainly the main focus of this festival, no Atlanta gathering would be complete without a plethora of tents celebrating food, businesses, community agencies, arts and crafts, non-profits, health and fitness advocates, and lively performances from local musicians. 

Maybe you’re a health nut and you are struggling to justify an afternoon of digging in to a pile of frozen delights. Let me set your mind at ease. This festival also gives you the chance to burn all those calories off. There’ll be guided fitness routines, line dances, hula hoop contests, Frisbee toss, bounce house, sack races, and more. Even if you don’t participate in festival activities, you’ll still be at one of Atlanta’s most beautiful and spacious parks so you can find a form of physical activity that speaks to you. The health conscious organizers of even choose a yearly agency or advocacy group to support. This year’s spotlight health agency is For a Day Foundation, an organization that provides children suffering from blood diseases and various forms of cancer with engaging activities. These activities are designed to be cathartic for both parents and children. 

Don’t sweat it if you can’t make it out to the festival, because July isn’t over yet. Check out some of your local ice cream stores and chains to see if they are running any specials to celebrate. You might get a discount or the chance to experience a limited time flavor. Check out this list of Atlanta area July specials to see if anything catches your eye. Here

So may your napkins be plentiful, may your sprinkles be rainbow colored, and may your ice cream be slow to melt.