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Welcome to your weekend: Hint, Hint, We have an idea that might help

The folks at Urban Adventure Quest in Atlanta have made this soooooo simple for you. If your beloved is a) a history buff, b)an outdoorsy type and/or c)possessed of a certain competitive streak, this may be the perfect gift. And if you a)are on a tight budget, b)have a couple of friends who might enjoy the same outing and split the cost or c)realize that whatever you choose for Valentine's weekend will have to include the kids because you've waited way too late to find a sitter,  again, this may work perfectly.

Urban Adventure Quest is a sort of high-tech treasure hunt. It works like this: You grab your beloved and your smart phone. Then you both grab your walking shoes. (For the basic price of $49, you can take along up to three other people of your choice). You head to Atlanta. Your urban adventure will start at Centennial Olympic Park and end at CNN Center.

From the Urban Adventure Quest website you'll download clues that will point you to historic sites and landmarks. For the most part, you'll be on foot, but be sure to take along some extra cash for public transportation if need be. Scoring is based on whether you need extra clues to find destinations and the speed with which you complete the course. You can, however, take lunch and/or liquid refreshment breaks along the course.


A couple of caveats: Phones that can only access the Internet via WiFi hotspots won't work for the Quest. And, think carefully about the other couple you might invite to join you: That Type A mom who freaks out when you buy the wrong snack for the soccer team, or the guy who insists on reading the bylaws at the neighborhood association meetings: They might be a tad too tightly wound for this type of "friendly" competition.  


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