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Welcome to Your Weekend: Backyard Broadway!

Abandon your couch for the night. I promise you won't hurt its feelings. Spice up your summer evenings with a little community theater. It's a great way to catch a fantastic show without paying an exorbitant amount for tickets and fighting the one way streets and traffic jams downtown. Yes, local productions can shake up your routine without breaking the bank (or your sanity if you suffer from Atlanta-specific road rage).

There's nothing funnier than a nun. It's a tried and true rule of humor. Don't believe me? Picture a nun eating Jell-O. Not enough? Try a nun riding a unicycle. Now, if you take a nun and throw in some spirited musical numbers complete with a choreographed dance move or two, then you've got comedic gold on the stage. Check out The New Depot Player's production of Nunsense: The Musical opening this weekend at The Center Street Arts Center in Olde Town Conyers. The show kicks off this weekend and will be around until July 27th so you're guaranteed to find a show time that will fit your schedule over the next few weeks. The New Depot Players are devoted to bringing the community exciting live performances characterized by excellence. So get your tickets lined up and come support your local theater.

If you're in the mood for a show but you're feeling a classic, then get your summer lovin' on with The New London Theater's production of Grease. Slick back your hair. Make sure your poodle skirt is set to maximum spin mode. See all your favorite characters on stage as "the pink ladies" and the "burger palace boys" navigate their way through Rydell High. Boasting an eight year run on Broadway, countless high school and community productions, and a film adaptation, Grease can comfortably claim to be one of the nation's most popular musicals. The well-known and well-loved New London Theater has found a newer, bigger home nestled within Snellville's largest antique mall. Tickets are on sale now, so you can start planning your night out.

Quality community theater is largely funded by generous donations from the public, so if you enjoy a performance you can jump online and send them some extra green. Whether you're sock hopping with the greasers or shimmying with the sisters, make sure to give your local theater some love this opening weekend. Your loyal couch will be right there waiting with open arms when you return.


Welcome to Your Weekend