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Water Authority rejects CEO recommendations
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IN BRIEF: The Water and Sewer Authority board voted unanimously to support a recommendations report from a joint governance task force and not the version revised and released by Commission Chairman Richard Oden. The report outlined the roles of the Authority and Rockdale Water Resources in moving forward past a six-month stalemate between the two entities. While the two reports were largely similar, the Chairman's version left out many requirements for RWR to provide information to the Authority and required that the Authority report to RWR in some cases.

The Authority board added two amendments in Thursday morning's unanimous vote (minus the vote of member Tom Fox, who was not at the meeting), which included informing all Board of Commission members, not just the Chairman.

The joint task force - made of RWR Director Dwight Wicks, Chief of Staff Greg Pridgeon, and Authority members Phyllis Turner and Bill Murrain - was called together by the Chairman and produced a report at the end of March. The Chairman issued his own version in mid-June.

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