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Wall of Hope seeks nominees
wall of hope at rmc 2011 IMG 3339
The innaugural Wall of Hope at its unveiling in 2011 - photo by Michelle Kim

Wall of Hope (Oct. 27, 2011)

The Kimberley Chance Atkins Foundation seeks nominees for its 2012 Wall of Hope at the Rockdale Medical Center's Women's Diagnostic Center.

The Wall features portraits of 12 breast cancer survivors in the community, nominated by Foundation members, Rockdale Medical Center staff and the community. The nominees must be Rockdale County residents.

The portraits, donated by Ezell's Studios, are changed out each year for 12 more survivors.

 The Wall serves as a reminder for women facing a diagnosis of breast cancer that others have gone before them and survived and thrived.

The deadline for nominations is Sept. 28. The nomination form is attached above to this article. Or for more information, contact Brenda Edwards at 770-483-0811.

This is the second year for the Wall of Hope, which was unveiled Oct. 27, 2011 with the following inaugural portraits: 

Brenda Chupp
Lynne Oliver
Jane Scott
LaVerne Hicks
Sheila Ezell
Brenda Edwards
Lana Bailey
Sandra Tucker
Elly Dalton
Linda Merryman
Chris Martin
Cathy Harris

KCAF Wall of Hope nomination form